Monday, May 13, 2013

Then and Now

Judah, 22 months holding baby Paisley (5 weeks old). She looks a little concerned, doesn't she? Oh, and don't you love my white hat and my arm reaching in from the side? Apparently, Paisley wasn't the only one who was slightly concerned.
 Paisley, now 2 1/2, holding baby Eliza, also 5 weeks old. No Mom arms sticking in and no white fuzzy hats this time. This time, I was actually the gal behind the camera. That's what happens when you have your 3rd kid.....



  1. oh they grow so fast..such sweeet memories being experienced righte now!!! love!!! mom

  2. Your children are so, so precious! I look forward to browsing your blog more.

  3. Those kids are adorable and I love your pictures :)
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