Sunday, May 5, 2013


Writing is hard tonight and I have no idea why. The weekend was amazing and I took lots of pictures, but there's a block between my brain and my fingers.  I want to write and yet, I've deleted paragraphs over and over and over. I want to tell you all about the picnic we had on the beach, about how I want to spend the summer living this way and how adventuring outdoors with our 3 young children is a bit tricky, but so completely rewarding.

I want to tell you that I feel like I've never loved being a Mom more in my life than I have over the last month. Yes, it's busy with the new baby, but I feel like this crazy life suits me well, like somewhere deep inside with all of my impatience, need for order and distaste for chaos, I was meant for this. It's not that I'm doing this mothering thing perfectly well either, because I'm not. Actually, lack of sleep has made me terribly irritable and daily I'm praying for more patience. Often I just want to shower in peace and yet, this crazy adventure of mothering has never seemed so sweet.

Instead of writing long paragraphs, encouraging you to picnic with your family, to create simple moments where you really feel relaxed (not just pretend-relaxed), and all of our weekend details, I'm going to leave you with lots of photos and a few little snippets. When the paragraphs flow again, I'll write paragraphs and until then, photos with a few words will do. 

Tonight my kids went to bed smelling like sunscreen, the bathroom floor has grass clippings on it, the socks next to the washer are extra brown and my husband has new tan lines. Yes, it was a very good weekend. We celebrated the hottest couple of days that we've had since last year by working in the garden and then we headed out for dinner on the beach.

We broke out the kids little swimming pool, discovered it has literally about 8 cracks in it, fixed those cracks with blue duct tape (totally ghetto style) and then had a blast splashing around in the taped up pool. Tonight Judah said "Today was the best day ever! We went to church, took a nap, swam in the pool, played in the yard and now we're going to have dinner!". He finds such joy in these simple family days and I'm so thankful for that.

Parts of the garden are starting to really take off. The peas have their first flowers, and the lettuce and garlic are thriving. As for the other parts of the garden well.....I'm a little behind where I'd like to be. These days, I sit and feed my baby a lot. I can make a sandwich while feeding a baby, but I sure can't plant a garden while I'm doing that.

The garden will happen.

Eliza turned a month old this weekend and she's as perfect as ever. Really, I need to write a post just about her and what she's up to these days. That post will come and until then, I'll just share a couple pictures of her in her church dress. 

Hello there, kissy baby. 

Happy Sunday, friends.

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  1. Love these pictures, especially the first and last ones of your girls!


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