Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2 Months, Who She Is

Today was Eliza's 2 month appointment and the first time that she'd receive shots. As I got us ready to go, I felt uneasy with her getting her full set of vaccinations. With our other kids, I just did what the Doctor recommended, feeling like that was the best choice for our family, but lately I've been questioning lots of things. To have such big decisions to make for our children, with such conflicting research, isn't easy. As a parent, we want to always do what's best, but sometimes it's so hard to not know what that best decision really is. And, we want to do what we do, because we know WHY it's what we do-not just because that's what our friends do or because that's what one Doctor recommends.

Lately, while I sit and feed her during the night, my mind wanders to things like clothe diapers, and baby sign language. I always wanted to clothe diaper, but I never really put the effort into researching it and doing something with my "want to". I've found myself realizing that if something really matters to me, I need to do something about it. And if it isn't that important, then I need to not worry about it. We have to pick and choose which things we're going to dwell on and if it matters, than we need to give it our best - otherwise, let it go.

Eliza might be our last and as I parent her, it sort of freaks me out that this could be my last chance. My last chance to put the "why" behind what I do, the last chance to fully enjoy having a tiny baby, my last chance to hopefully get it right. Because as Mom's, don't we want to get it right? Sometimes it's just so hard to know what that "right" is. ...

So, at her appointment, I decided to go with the happy medium for her vaccinations. We're going with a more spread out shot schedule. She'll still get them all, but they'll be more staggered, to avoid the heavy shock on her immune system. I know that this subject is a really tricky and a super controversial one. Trust me, I don't think that there's necessarily a 'right' way. Instead, I think it's best that us Mama's love and respect each other. Let's all be on the same team, high-five'n each other as we give this parenting thing our best shot.

After her appointment, we headed to the grocery store and picked up some picnic food to take to the park. We ate and then the kids played, while I laid in the grass with this girl. It was quite perfect and I'm hoping for many more summer evenings like this.
 At 2 months, here's a little peak into who this girl is:
How big is she? Well, today she weighed 12lb, 13oz. She's in the 85th percentile and what's funny is that she weighs more than Paisley did at this age, but she was over a pound smaller than Paisley was when she was born. This baby has some rolls to show off.

How does she sleep? Eliza still sleeps in our room in a bassinet, but she sleeps really well there and for now, it's working great for us. With the other kids, I was in a hurry to get them out of our room, but I don't feel that rush with her. Often she'll sleep for 7 hours straight so, I have nothing to complain about. Honestly, I don't feel sleep deprived at all. 

How does she nap? Recently, she started having that nap interruption at 45 minutes, that all of our kids have had. 45 minutes into her nap, she'll wake and then she has a hard time falling back to sleep. This will pass because it passed with the other ones. She naps pretty well when we're out and about. She's slept through every church service so far and she has yet to cry in a grocery store. Also, she's our first kid that likes a pacifier and for now, I'm alright with that. When she gets tired, I swaddle her up, give her the paci, lay her down and she's out. 

How does she eat? She's still nursing like a champ, although the last few days she's been more interested in looking around, than eating.

Every smile, coo and thing she does has melted me over the last 2 months. I never get over it. One thing that I've learned and loved is that even though we've been through these "firsts" before, they still feel so new and so special. Being her Mommy is an honor. She is truly a gift.



  1. yes being MOMMY is such an honor.
    Thank you for sharing your thought process about the shots. Ive heard all sides on that one and finally it is good to hear it carefully considered.
    your kids are blessed!

  2. What an absolutely beautiful daughter you have Angela! Both of them, and your son is just the absolute cutest little boy! Sigh ... I remember those days fondly like they were yesterday. My daughter will be 25 in November and my eldest son 14 as well, and my youngest son just turned 10 in March. I miss those days when they were small and still exploring the world with wide-eyed abandon, and I had the chance to see the world anew thru their eyes. Cherish the moments because they pass oh so quickly!

    Thank you for sharing them with us, just beautiful. I also agree with the shots - spreading them out - I hated having all of that "stuff" shot into their tiny little systems all at once. Broke my heart, but back when mine were younger, you just did what the doctor told you needed to be done, you know?

    Be blessed sweet momma!

  3. I completely agree with what you said about each Mom (and Dad :) making their own choices regarding THEIR family. It's easy to jump into the Judging Zone when we feel like what we're doing is best--which we do! Otherwise why would we do it?! :) We've chosen not to vx at all (so far) and it was a TOUGH decision. I've received a little flack for it, but at the end of the day, it's MY (our) decision. :)

    Your little pumpkin is so sweet. Makes me anxious to meet my little guy! (Still can't believe I'm having a BOY!)


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