Wednesday, June 26, 2013

American Blogger and Bloglovin'

My appreciation and respect for bloggers has gone through the roof lately. I just love words and photos, that tell someone's story. It gives me goosebumps when someone is bold enough to put themselves out there, to get it off their chest and hopefully to encourage someone else. Often lately, I read something and I want to jump up from where I'm sitting and just squeeze the person that wrote it. Words....they are so powerful, aren't they? While I sit and feed Eliza and after the kids are in bed, I read and  it blows me away when someone describes something that I can so relate to. They say something that I couldn't have said better myself and by reading what they've wrote, I feel like I begin to understand myself better.

So, to wrap all of that up with a bow, what I'm saying is that I love the gal who's writing after her kids are in bed, who's telling her story and inspiring others. It's you, the person who writes her little heart out, for only 3 people to read or the person who's writing for thousands. The gal who's writing makes us stifle our laughter, while our house is asleep and the Mom who makes us tear up, because we can so relate. Your audience size doesn't matter. Get that? It doesn't matter. Because if you share your heart, because you feel like you're called to, then you're being faithful and faithful is enough. It's more than enough. 

So, have you all heard of American Blogger? The husband of one of my favorite bloggers just started traveling around the country, and over the next few months, he's interviewing 50 bloggers and filming what they do and why they do it. After he spends time with them, his trip will become a movie documentary called "American Blogger". Following his adventures on Instagram and reading about his travels on his wife's blog has been totally fascinating to me so, I thought I'd share it with you all.

The Wiegands: Blog
Chris Wiegand: Instagram

The second thing I wanted to mention and I'm sure you're aware of, is how Google Reader will no longer be, as of Monday. Yep, it's going bye-bye and I wasn't sure what I was going to use as a reader until last night when I joined Bloglovin'. Ok so, I'm going to be honest here and say that I've known about Bloglovin' for a long time, but it always sounded a little bit silly to me. I guess the name didn't ring well with me for some reason. Anyway- I was wrong (like I often am about first impressions). Bloglovin' is a great blog reader and I would totally recommend it. When I signed up, all I had to do was click a button and then it grabbed all the blogs I was following from my Google Reader. So easy. Who knew?

Wrapping this up with a phone photo dump.....

Happy baby.
Oh Eliza, you have our hearts! 
A two year old, caught trying to change her own diaper.  
A two year old, caught trying to clean up her spilled breakfast. Someday, she's going to be a world changer with her strong will and free spirit. 
A super hero, drinking a green smoothie, packed with super powers. 
4 years old has been especially good to us lately. We go in phases where parenting is hard and then miraculously a good phase comes along where the hard work seems to pay off. I couldn't have picked out a better kid to be my son. I'm so crazy about him that it makes my heart hurt. 

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  1. i love this post!!!!! i love those undiscovered bloggers that are blogging their hearts out. I am purposing to keep myself in that place FOREVER! :)

    your baby girl is adorable & your two year old cracks me up!


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