Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Buckets of Treasures and a Robin

Tonight my husband worked late. I have a cold and feel awful. The kids had yogurts, granola bars and carrot muffins for dinner. Just when I thought it was going to be the longest evening ever, we decided to go outside and spend our time before bed hunting for treasures.
Best idea ever.
 We filled buckets with flowers, rocks, leaves and whatever else they wanted to claim as a treasure.

Directly above our kitchen window, a robin built her nest. We've been having the best time watching how she sits on her eggs and leaves for only a few minutes. We even looked up Robins online and read all about them. I never knew that learning about a bird with my kids would be such a thrill, but it really is. We're totally attached to this bird, Paisley was even asking about her while we grocery shopped the other day. We love her and we've named her Robin. Clever, huh? Ha!

Tonight we noticed that she was flying off and coming back with food, over and over again. I think the eggs must have hatched because she looked like she was feeding her little ones.
When we spotted her nest, I was afraid that our noise would totally freak her out. I guess we aren't as scary as I thought because she's stayed and she seems pretty comfortable with our craziness.

I'm just aching to see into that nest and see the babies, but there's no way we can really do that without totally freaking her out. So, I'm trying to tame my curiosity. Seriously, I think I'm worse than the kids.

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  1. LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!! What lovely treasures you found in your backyard! What an awesome moment with your children!



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