Friday, June 21, 2013

Soaking In It

This last week was one of my absolute favorites. Judah went to VBS every morning and over the last 5 days, I really saw him grow. Nothing feels better than seeing your child's confidence blossom and seeing  your child's love for Jesus increase. This week I saw my boy have a blast with his friends, learn new songs and get excited about how Jesus helps us be brave.
 This last week was also filled with truly living life with friends. Sharing  real, genuine, messy life is one of the most refreshing things. Inside, I want to have everything planned out and have my happy little bubble that keeps me safe and comfortable. There was no room in this week for perfectionism. I pulled my crumb filled car seats out of my car and fastened them into a friends. My daughter announced to our company that she "needed to go poop". I served some friends banana bread that was way over cooked and totally dry. We played, we visited and we shared real, authentic life.
Living real, true, genuine, life-side by side with friends could become addicting. Isn't that what we all need? Less superficial, more real?
We wrapped up the week and celebrated the longest day of the year, with dinner in the sunshine.  
***Table decorations, courtesy of Judah.
After the kids were sound asleep, we grabbed the monitors and headed out to sit by a campfire. When my hubby chops firewood, he kind of reminds me of Paul Bunyan. We sat by the fire and joked about stuff that's way too inappropriate for this blog. 
 Happy summer, friends. I'm going to bed, smelling like a campfire and I wouldn't have it any other way. Soaking in this week tonight and feeling thankful.

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  1. this is another fun window into your family life! I just loved J's artistry on the table and the campfire pic
    thanks!! love, Mom


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