Friday, June 7, 2013

The Summer to Just Be

We had dinner in the backyard last night. It was the second time this week that we've spread out a picnic blanket, kept the kitchen clean and ate something simple outside. Last night it was egg salad sandwiches, which seemed totally acceptable for dinner, when served on paper towels and a striped picnic blanket.

 After dinner, while the kids played with neighbors, Jeremiah chopped a little firewood and then made a fire. We invited the neighbor kids to stay for s'mores and before long, the backyard was a flurry of activity, and sticky s'more faced children.

As the kids played around, I laid on a blanket in the shade with Eliza and stared at the blue sky. As I laid there, with my wee one, I realized that it's maybe been years since I've just stared at the sky. I'm always doing, going, moving, from one thing to another. There'a always something that needs to be done and honestly, I'm pretty good at keeping up because I never just be.

My word for the year was Enjoy and even as we've drifted into June, that word has still floated around in my mind. I'm convinced that this season with my little ones, is not only for surviving, but it's also for enjoying. The word "Be" is my word for this summer. With many unfinished projects surrounding me, it'd be easy for me to power on doing-doing-doing, but God's been really telling me that  this is my season to be, to slow, to enjoy.

This summer is the only summer we'll ever have with a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a little baby. It's my season for pushing kids on swings, having campfires with my family, breaking out the picnic basket routinely, feeding my baby in a lawn chair, saying "yes" when my kids want to show me new tricks and intentionally getting together with friends.

I've realized lately that those of us who are always so busy being "do'ers", might be missing out on some important moments, because we aren't slowing down to be a"be-er". Often I refer to myself as a recovering Type-A because that's not really how I want to be. I don't enjoy the fact that I always want to have everything done. Learning to stop and just be is a challenge for me, but it's something I'm striving for.

This is the summer to be with my kids, without distractions, to realize that multi-tasking can wait, to be aware of the blessings around me, more than what's on my list.
Happy Friday, friends. Maybe take some time this weekend to just be?

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  1. ah as I read this I felt myself relax from the inside out...also - the pic looking up to the sky is special
    thank you


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