Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend I left Eliza for the first time and went to get a cut and color. When I left, I literally started crying. I'd think that I would've been happy to be out alone, but not so much. When I drove away, I felt like I left part of me at home, it was so weird. I was so nervous, wondering how she'd do. Of course, Super Dad rocked it and our baby napped almost the entire time I was gone. When she awoke, she drank some bottle-which has NEVER happened before, I didn't even know if she'd take one. With lots of text updates and check-ins, I survived just fine as well. Actually, I really enjoyed sitting there, reading the celebrity junk magazines that I never read. 

My hair hasn't had color on it in over 4 years so, these new blonde highlights are a fun change. I was feeling a bit frumpy and sometimes change is good.

Here's a picture of what happens when my curls get combed out. Hello, super fro. 
Why you SHOULDN'T comb out curls.........
The weather here has been so nice and we've been outside a ton. The other night, I was out with Eliza, right before bedtime. While I picked peas, she hung out with me.
One more awesome use for a wheelbarrow.....
'The Artists Daughter' is one of the many books that I'm reading this summer. Finally, it seems like I'm getting into the habit of taking time to read. This book is the one that I'm going through with a group of women from our church. I've never been part of a "book club" type of thing before, but I feel like this group of ladies is going to be a huge blessing.
Here's to coffee, a good book and Bible time with friends.....
Saturday morning we went to a garage sale that was raising money to cover the funeral expenses for a family in our community that recently passed away in a car accident. So sad. At the sale, I found these frames and while the kids napped, I painted them with chalkboard paint.
After the paint dried, the kids colored the frames with chalk and then I framed some of their artwork.
I hung the frames in the kids play room area, that's really needed to be decorated. There's still so much that I'd like to do with this room, but the kids love these frames and I love seeing their artwork on the walls so, we're headed in the right direction. 
Another treasure I found at the garage sale are these tea cups. The succulents were given to me for Mother's Day, from my Mom and sister and I've been meaning to plant tea a cup garden for a long time. But, you's not like I've been busy or anything.
Finally, the tea cup garden is complete. 

A weekend happy...
Red poppies on the table. 
We wrapped the weekend up by going on a long overdue date. With our third wheel, we grabbed some Subway and headed to the beach.
This man is an amazing Dad....and I think he's pretty attractive as well.
I'm blessed. 
What was the best part of your weekend?


  1. I remember having sort of a panic attack the first time I left home alone after you were born!
    Your hair is gorgeous curly or straight...and the hi lites look great...aren't little changes fun!
    for me, the "hi lite" of the weekend was spontaneous visiting with friends on Sunday afternoon

  2. The pics of both you and Jeremiah are so flattering, and the beach looks so peaceful! Also, I think you should submit the pic of Eliza in the wheelbarrow to some sort of contest... I don't know, it's just so adorable and creative :)


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