Sunday, June 2, 2013

Why I'm Glad I Wore a Cardigan...

A little disclaimer: If you haven't had kids or you don't know what a blow out is or if the term "blow out" bothers you, this is where you should stop reading. Come back tomorrow-normally I don't write about this stuff.

Basically, my life these days looks like this. First, I get ready, trying to find clothes that fit, and aren't too tricky to nurse in. It takes some serious effort to not feel like a total frumpy Mom, but I try, whether or not it works.
 So, anyway.....I'm glad I wore that cardigan today.

We attended a baby shower this afternoon for a couple, who's expecting their first baby soon. This shower was really fun, and a little different because it was for couples. Of course, we brought our little side-kick Eliza with us. And we had a blast....literally.

Girlfriend deserves a prize. Not only did she cover herself up to her neck, but she also really got my shirt and my jeans. How does a tiny baby do that? Seriously, I even broke out my high heels today. Thankfully, I still sported the "Mom cardigan". Yep, I just buttoned that cardigan up, smiled and partied on, feeling thankful that I'd already hugged everyone. The Mom cardigan has so many uses these days... Oops, too long since the last feeding? Thank goodness for the cardigan. Left over baby tummy? Hello, cardigan. Epic blowout? Just button 'er up. Story of my life.
 Eliza-all ready to head out on the town.
 Her hair has this curly, 80's wave going on and I just love it. I just can't get enough of this baby.
This weekend was also filled with lots of time outside, a wonderful wedding reception for our friend Nathalie and church. The days are getting longer and tonight after the kids were in bed, I stepped outside to pick peas. Summer evenings are my absolute favorite. 

This weekend, we also headed to Target and Judah got to spend some of his "chore" money, that he's been working so hard to save. 
He's had his eye on this Batman mask for weeks and he was so faithful in saving his money. He's pretty much only taken it off to sleep and for church since. Seeing him understand that hard work and saving pays off, made my heart really happy.
Tell me about your life. What was the absolute highlight of your weekend? What did you do? 


  1. haha, love your commentary on the cardigan! your children are SO adorable!!!

  2. Cardigan to the rescue!!! (Or rexue! As my girls say.) She looks so sweet and innocent in that picture that it's hard to believe she was the cause of that stain...are you sure it was her?? ;) She is adorable!

    Have you blogged about your chore system? I've been meaning to start one here but am procrastinating. Do you pay for everything or just some things? How much do you pay?

  3. you are a good example of flexibility here...hooray for cardigans!
    love, batman's grandma

  4. I just had my hubby hang a mirror by the door so I can take a quick look at myself as I head out the door. Good thing he did because today when I walked out I realized Makenzie had wiped snot all over my tummy. And being pregnant I can't see the bottom of my tummy where the snot was smeared! It's been awhile since I've been spit up on and pooped on... but my days are coming again soon... where no matter what I wear it won't stay clean or look good :-)

    The highlight of my weekend was watching Makenzie follow Matt (hubby) around. He can't do ANYTHING on weekends without her following close behind. It is SOOO cute and she LOVES to do what she can to help him. He goes to check on the garden so she follows, walks in, makes sure Daddy isn't looking and picks a few strawberries, then goes and sits in the grass and eats them all the while keeping Daddy in sight! It is so sweet watching the love between them.

  5. Hey Catie! No, I haven't written too much about the chore system, but I'd be happy to. As soon as I get more ink for our printer and print off a few more chore sheets, I'll take some photos and get a post up. :)

  6. Thank goodness for the cardigan! Cardigans really are a mum's best friend, especially at that age. And I love that just buttoned that thing up and carried on partying, like a true professional!


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