Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Nothings

Hey there!
How was your weekend? I hope it was awesome. Ours was good! Saturday morning, I set out with just Eliza to check out the TJ Maxx that recently opened up by us. Going out with just our baby practically feels like I'm out by myself, minus the fact that I forgot the stroller and my Ergo so, I had to haul her car seat around on my arm. Besides the sore arm, we had a blast. Holy cow, that store could become addicting! Such cute stuff.

I used some self control and only ended up buying a couple things- a long navy blue and white stripped maxi dress and a long black and white stripped skirt. I love stripes. Here's the problem....I never tried them on. Hauling the car seat around the store was enough trouble and I figured that since I already know my size, there wasn't a reason to haul to the dressing room. Well, when I got home, I decided to wear that cute stripped dress and major bummer, the white strips are completely see through. Seeing as every other stripe is white, this is a problem. The dress and skirt both need to go back. I learned my lesson, I'll haul my baby and our gear into the dressing room next time.

My question is, why would the dress and skirt both be see through? I swear they aren't swim suit cover ups. Does everyone wear slips or what? I thought slips were just for the "older" generation? Apparently I don't know how this works.

The rest of our Saturday was spent taking dinner to some friends who just had their first baby and then playing on the beach until bedtime. I made black bean pie for dinner so, we just brought it along with us and ate a picnic table. After dinner, we walked in the water and dug in the sand. It was perfect!

Sunday we watched my sister's kids while they went out on a date. For having 6 kids here, four years old and under, I think it went really well. No one cried. Everyone ate their dinner and we were all smiling at the end of the evening. I was however, falling asleep last night at 9pm.

We hit Costco this morning, with every other Mom and kid that we know. Well, not really, but we did see tons of familiar faces there. I sat and nursed Eliza in the car, while the kids gobbled their unusually large hotdogs and saw lots of Mom friends loading their kids into those huge carts. I love people watching.

Scenes from the weekend:

Garlic Harvest.
Happy baby.

Digging and playing.

She found her thumb.
Check out that sass with those sunglasses. Oh my.

Happy Monday, friends. I realize that this post is basically about nothing and I apologize.


  1. I love your "nothing" posts! About the dress and skirt, I think many people would wear nude colored undies and not care if they were still visible underneath. Sadly, I have a problem with this! I've encountered the same thing before and it's super aggravating. Also, I love how Jeremiah goes all in with the digging! What a fun Dad he is.

  2. I is frustrating to still need slips...since I am "older" ha! I still wear them sometimes...I also love your nothing posts which are actually about really important things!!!


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