Sunday, July 21, 2013


Feeling so grateful tonight. I've been away from the internet a lot this weekend and the habit of filtering the words in my head, down and out onto the keyboard has been absent. Instead, I've been at this beautiful lake, with equally beautiful ladies. My heart is full, my words are few and I'm okay with that right now.

This weekend, Eliza and I went away with a group of amazing women. We stayed on this lake and the place was so perfect, I could have stayed for a week. As a team, we planned out the upcoming MOPS year. So much more than planning happened, though. Transparency happened and friendships grew. When I walked back in our door, I felt so refreshed with a renewed passion for mothering. I had no idea how badly I needed that time away. 

Before I was a Mom, I never knew that even good Moms, who enjoy their families, need to get away. I didn't imagine that I'd need that break. Now, after being away from my "normal", I see how important it really is. From now on, I'm going to plan a short getaway with girlfriends every 6 months or so. Nothing fancy, just a time to get refreshed. We need it. Our kids need it. It renews our joy and isn't that something that everyone deserves? Joy. It IS possible!
So, a short list for tonight.

Still listening to Hillsong-Glorious Ruins. Yep, I'm that gal who listens to the same thing on repeat a crazy amount of times.

Just about to finish "Be the Mom" and I'll probably end up reading it again someday. It just hits so many of my weak spots. Just starting "1000 Gifts" and soaking up every page. And for book club, reading "The Artists Daughter".
For awhile now, my husband and I have known that we need to get up before our kids in the morning and spend a few moments with God together. The importance of us doing this is a whole other post in itself, but I'll save that for another time. For now, I'll just say that waking up before our kids is the number one goal for this week.

Campfire. Tonight we had some friends over, ate hamburgers and made s'mores. We're all going to bed tonight smelling like a campfire. Even little Eliza smells like summer.

This girl and her treasures. She named that plant in her hand a "tickle bush". Daily she reminds me to slow down and celebrate the small stuff.

Now it's your turn.
What are you listening to?


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