Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Relish the Charms

I read this quote tonight while I was sitting in our dimly lit room, feeding Eliza. Once in awhile, my 3 little ones feel more like 10 and today was one of those. But, the big kids go to bed and after wrapping her up in that favorite swaddle blanket, kissing her cheeks 20 times and breathing in her baby smell, I'd do it all over again. Again, again and again. 
Shared from Rebecca's wonderful blog: Simple As That

Us Lately//Sisters.

 What Paisley loves, Paisley sniffs. Eliza gets sniffed a lot.

Us Lately//Creating.
Paisley and I colored side by side. When the picture was done, she sat and just stared at it; "It's beautiful Mommy! It's beautiful!" 
Us Lately//Dress Up.
Hello Kitty jammies, and big brother's Batman undies. Perfect outfit for bike riding, yes?

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  1. you used to be a sniffer too..oh !! you still are..I mean smells really matter...this is another lovely posting...your pictures are also heart stopping wonderful............Love...and thank you for sharing these precious moments


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