Saturday, July 27, 2013

So Not Super Mom

When it's almost midnight, I probably shouldn't be writing, but sometimes I just can't help it. The house is quiet, my ear phones are in and hopefully my words will make a little bit of sense. I've often heard gals refer to themselves as a "hot mess". I'm not exactly sure what a "hot mess" is, but I think I'm there. 
And, I don't mean "hot" like, "Oh, she's so hot...
Hahaha... Ummm, NO. 
More like the sweaty July, carrying two kids at one time, while chasing the dog, type of hot mess. Oh, I've been so thankful lately that I can laugh at myself. Most days, I'm convinced that I embarrass myself more than the average person. I'm the gal who pulled a Tampon out of her purse at the bank to write with, instead of a pen. 
And then I swear to myself that I'll stop all of my embarrassing shenanigans, that I'll pull it together and get a grip, but then I do it again. It's always been that way. I have 1000 stories about the strange and awkward things that I do. The good news is that I've cut back on my blushing. As long as no one brings it up....

Here are a couple of my So-Not Super Mom moments from the last two days. 

The moment where the family waited for me in the beach parking lot, while I frantically scoured through our mini-van, sure that there's got to be an extra diaper in there. Only to find out that no, I didn't bring any. No extra diapers, how could that be? So, I laid that patient little baby down, grabbed some of big sister's spare clothes and constructed an awesome (and super absorbent, I must add, homemade cloth diaper).
{Little baby in big pants. She said it's comfy.}

The moment when I was so excited to go blueberry picking with a new friend, only to pull in and discover that I scheduled our blueberry play date, at at Blueberry Farm that's not open. I profusely apologized to the sweet friend, who must have it way more together than I do, and we created a plan B, at a place that we knew was open. She was gracious, but I have this feeling that she'll want to plan our get together's from now on.

And then there's my strong willed Paisley, who humbles me daily. Two years old is hard on us right now, especially when I stick to my word and she doesn't like what I've decided. Oh, the meltdowns. Often I have to remind myself that following through is most important, even if results in a public display of protest. On the other side of this phase is a sweet little girl, with a huge heart. I'm keeping my eyes open to the big picture and reminding myself that I need to love her BIG during this hard phase. Big expectations and BIG love. That's what she needs right now.

The other night, we took our dinner to the beach and played until the tide covered the entire beach in water. Here are a few photos from our adventure.

 When we walked down to the beach, we walked through this grassy trail.
While we played, we lost track of how much the tide had come in and when we left, we had to walk through all this water.  The water was up to my knees and my pants were soaked. Soaked pants- not a big deal. What WAS a big deal is  the alligator and snake stories my husband told while we walked through that water. I don't do snakes. He loves me and giving me a hard time is part of loving me (or so he says).
Happy weekend, friends. Go be a blessing.


  1. this is precious..we laughed and laughed with you!!!!! thanks with love to you and yours
    we think you should write a book least for children!!!(but we will want to read it)

  2. Ha! I know how you feel! Except you DO silly thing? Well, I SAY silly (Read: stupid) things all the time!

    I have chronic foot-in-the-mouth disease. It's terrible. I've gotten better over the years at KEEPING MY TRAP SHUT, but it's still not perfected. ;) I'm a work in progress..

    Loverly pictures, btw! Where do you live? (that's sort of rhetorical..) :) Looks gorgeous! And leave it to hubby's to make you feel safe! LOL Mine's the same way. Gotta love it!

  3. Oh my. There are so many grammatical errors in my comment... *sigh* Can I blame my pregnancy?????? PLEASE???


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