Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Milestones

Things like our first backyard camping experience, first snow cones, Paisley's first time watching Cinderella, and Eliza's first time having Goodnight Moon read to her before bed happened this weekend. The weekend felt especially long, in such a good way. Like we were able to pack way more into two days, live summer in such a full way and not feel one bit like we over did it. It was so exceptional and as I've gone through the 100+ pictures that I took, I feel like I've slightly relived some of these moments.

Saturday morning we headed out after breakfast to go adventure at the fair. This fair is pretty small, free and one of my absolute favorites.
We ran into lots of church friends, pet chickens, held bunnies and ate corn dogs.
Every summer the same thing happens to me at the fair. I get bunny fever. And chicken fever. Oh, and I'd like to have a baby goat also. Country blood runs through me and I can totally picture us being one of those fair families. It's going to happen one of these years, it's just inevitable. The kids and I will talk Daddy into letting us get a couple bunnies and it's going to be a blast, a real memory maker. I've already decided that next summer will be our summer for getting some chicks. I mean, why not? I already have 3 little kids to take care of, we might as well get some chicks, love on 'em and get some organic eggs out of the deal. Oh yes, these chickens would only be pets, I couldn't handle anything less.

Paisley just loved this big, fat bunny. Who wouldn't? I just want to snuggle with it's big chubby chin.
Kissy bunny, double chinned bunny. We loved you.
The kids loved the fire house and did really well crawling through the smoke. What a great experience for them!
Judah said his favorite thing was spraying this fire hose.
Paisley's first snow cone...ever. Who cares if she dumped most of it straight down her dress. Really, who cares. It was so fun.

Later in the day, we turned our backyard into our own little campground. We made hard shell tacos for dinner, set up the tent and brought out the camping chairs. This was so much fun and gave me so much hope that yes...someday we'll be a camping family!
Before we had kids, Jeremiah and I camped a lot and I'm actually one of those gals who really enjoys camping. Most Moms I know say they're not a fan of sleeping in a tent, but I actually think it's super fun. Maybe it's because some of my best memories growing up are from when my family went camping together and with our church friends. I just love it and I really want our family to be good at camping. I hope that in a few years, when our kids are just slightly older, we'll go camping a lot together during the summer. That it'll be our thing and a huge memory maker for our family. I'd like to have those kids that actually enjoy going and doing things with their family so that someday when they're teenagers, they'll still want to hangout with us.

So this weekend, we got that memory making process going by doing our first camping experience close to our beds, toilets and running water...just in case. Eliza and I slept inside because it doesn't make much sense to have a tiny baby sleep out in a tent and I missed sleeping out with the kids. Next summer we'll all be out there for sure. The kids did really well and they had a total blast. First camping experience was a success!
Another milestone from the weekend was Paisley watching Cinderella for the first time. Oh, I wasn't expecting this to make me emotional. Something about her standing there, mesmerized with that princess just got me. Oh but then it got worse- As Cinderella started to dance with the prince, in her sweet, high pitched voice, she asked Daddy to dance like that with her. Being the good Daddy that he is, of course he danced with her in our living room. At that point, I started becoming an emotional mess of a Mom so, I had to hide my face behind a book. 
Last milestone from the weekend was introducing Eliza to Goodnight Moon. This was the first reading of many. The kids helped me read it to her and as I read it, I was thinking about what a different experience she has as a baby. When Judah was this age, the house was all quiet, his story time was just with us, without anyone shoving their nose in his face and pushing kisses onto his head. 

Eliza's life as our baby is so different. She seems to love the craziness in this house and the rough love that her big brother and sister pour out on her. I can't imagine her in that quiet house that existed 4 years ago. She loves this loud, crazy house and so do I. 
I hope your weekend was wonderful. Tell me about it. What were some of the best parts? What are you thankful for?


  1. what a lovely weekend! I love these snapshots of summer!!

  2. LOVE THIS!!!! I just love all the fun stuff you do with your family! You and your hubby make great parents!!! I have spent the weekend on cloud nine! We had baby #2 last week and our weekend was lots of baby snuggles and watching our oldest love on her baby sister! Life is so good!

  3. What a fun weekend! I love little fairs like that! Those bunnies are too cute!!


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