Monday, August 5, 2013

After a Social Media Fast

Friday night I shut down the computer, knowing I wouldn't open it again until Monday morning. Just a few hours before that, a post on Home is with You had grabbed me. In words, that sounded just like my own thoughts, Mallorie described her need for a weekend free from social media. I resonated with her. I knew I needed it also and so I committed to leaving the computer off and using my phone only for good old fashioned phone calls or texting.

For some of you, this might not be a big deal. Maybe you check your email once a day or jump on Facebook every few days or so. If you're that way, I just love it. I respect you and I think you're awesome. I'm not that way, though. See, I sit and feed my baby for probably a few hours each day and I've developed this habit of scrolling through Facebook, checking out Instagram and answering emails while I feed. I've realized that this isn't how I enjoy spending my time. I don't like this about myself, even if it's not really "that big of a deal". There are endless ways to spend your time that are so much more freeing, inspiring and life giving, than checking out what OTHER people are doing. It's fun, right, to see what your friends are up to, but to feel like you're with 300 people constantly while they go about their "normal" lives, or at least the part of their life that they're sharing??? It's just too much.

When I committed to going hands-free, I didn't know for sure if I could do it or how I'd feel and when I recognized those thoughts, that's when I knew I really needed to do it. Not knowing what other people are up to, isn't really that big of a deal after all. 

So, here's my experience with a hands-free weekend:

It's quite simple actually- I loved it and it wasn't hard like I thought it would be. We did a lot this weekend. Walked in the parade as a family with our MOPS group, went on a really special anniversary date, went to church, went to the fair, went on a family ice cream date and I felt like I was fully there the whole time. It's easy you know, to want to Instagram all the fun your family is having, because that's just what folks are doing these days, but it felt good to be different for this weekend. 

While I fed Eliza, I read. I was actually able to read  A LOT over the weekend and normally I love reading, but it's hard to find the time. Also, I felt like I liked myself better when I wasn't so aware of what everyone else is up to. You know, everyone posts their good stuff and we compare our ugly moments, to everyone else's best. For some people, the comparison thing isn't an issue, but I'm one of those gals who struggles with it so, I have to be careful.

That little break was much needed and I'm sure I'll be doing it again now and then. It's good to check yourself sometimes and make sure that something in your life isn't taking up more space than it should be.

And now, sharing a few scenes from our weekend:

///Fun at the fair.
///Getting ready to walk in the parade. 
///The view from our anniversary date.

///As I sat on a rock, feeding Eliza (our 3rd wheel), this view totally took my breath away. I teared up, thinking about what we've been through, for only being married 5 years. Lately, I've been able to feel God's hand on our lives very strongly and that stirs me with excitement to see what the future holds. You know, His hand is always on our lives, sometimes we can just feel it more strongly than others. 

///Us with our initials in the tree.
Now it's your turn....what was the best part of your weekend?


  1. Wait, were your initials already there, or did Jeremiah actually carve them?! Super amazing view! And I really like your MOPS motto "brace your story"!

  2. love you and your photos are wonderful...also, thanks for saying "Gods hand is always on our lives...good to remember...


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