Friday, August 2, 2013

One of my Favorite Rooms

Eliza's about to outgrow her bassinet and I've been thinking that it's really almost time to move her out of our room. Honestly, it's just so hard for me this time around. I swear that when we finally do move her into her own room, I'm going to totally cry. With the older kids, by 5 weeks, I was ready to get them into their own space. With her, I feel like she could stay with us until she's 20. Well, not really....but, I've been in no hurry. She's just the most precious, sweet little baby and I'm trying to enjoy every moment of that. I've been more relaxed with her than I was with the other kids and it's just shown me how every child is different and how every season of parenting is different. There is no "right" and the longer I mother, the more I realize that. This season that we're in is so good, so busy in many ways, but also so slow and simple. 

We've stayed home more this week than normal and the kids have been playing so well together, while I putter around the house. These summer days with them have been so much more enjoyable than I expected them to be and lately, I've been realizing that when Judah starts preschool again, I'm really going to miss having him around.

This week I feel like I've actually had the time to tackle some projects and adding a few new things to Eliza's room has been fun.

Paint Swatch Art
Spray Paint Canvas
Cut out shapes from thrifted paint swatches
Hot glue shapes onto the canvas
Stencil if you feel like it!
The pink chair in the corner was a $20 find that I bought from the nicest lady. I love it's vintage look and how comfy it is. When I look at this chair, I picture my girls sitting together in it and reading books. Sorry if that's cheesy, it's just the truth.

We also finally hung this special painting that a dear friend of mine gave us. She's an artist and the children's book that she recently illustrated is incredible. Go check out her book here- you'll love it. Isn't the painting perfect for a little girls room?
This sign was my Grandma's. When she was in her 20's she was a model and until the day she met Jesus, she was extremely fashion focused. I leave the house all the time without lipstick. How many times do you think Grandma left her house without lipstick? I'm betting on ZERO.  I know she would have loved to see this sign in her great granddaughter's room.
Scrappy pillow I sewed for Eliza. It's not perfect, but it doesn't need to be, right? Right.

Her room might not be very big, but it's currently one of my favorites in our house. All of the special little things in it, that represent wonderful people in our lives, remind me of how blessed I am.
What's one of your favorite rooms in your house right now?

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  1. I also love Elizas just "works well" with so many precious treasures...just beautiful


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