Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sunset, Court and School Supplies

Pulled out my head phones tonight, and asked my husband what I should listen to. When he said "The Bee Gees", I resisted, but oh, I'm so glad I gave in. You guys, I'm rocking out here. Ah, ha, ha, ha Stayin' Alive! You should see my moves!

Anyway...I'll try to stay on track here.

It's been a weird week for us, with a few random things to cover here. That man of mine, he's had to work a LOT this week. Not by choice- it's just how it is. Everyone has their thing and my thing is that I single parent a lot and I'd be sugar coating it, if I didn't say that it's hard. Seriously you guys, I haven't had dinner with another adult since Sunday night and as much as I adore my crazy kids, I'm about ready to take a vacation. Well, not really, but I feel like I need one.

Tonight after the kids were in bed and he was finally home, I high tailed it out the door, in my flip flops, sweats and fuzzy hair. I'm sure I looked like a hot mess, but when you need to blow off some steam, you just go. And you walk--- fast.  As I quickly flopped down the road, this gorgeous sunset greeted me. A little while later, I came home feeling new.
Okay, so now "More Than a Woman", is playing. It kind of reminds me of another thing that went on this week. Remember that ticket I got a few months ago, for talking on my phone while driving? Well, this week I headed to court with Eliza to see about getting that ticket reduced. I so admit that I was wrong, but my goodness, $124 is a lot of money to pay, when you haven't had a ticket in 10 years.
So my baby and I went to court with all of the tattooed, folks that smelled of cigarette smoke. As I opened the door to the court room, and cautiously made my way to the flip down chair in the corner, I felt so out of place. I stood out with my Mom bag and my sweet baby.

Thankfully, the judge started at the end of the alphabet, for going through each person's case. After a few people who's names ended with W, and then U and T, it was our turn. As my name was called, I gathered my babe, my bag and we headed forward. My story was a little different than the ones I heard as I sat there in the corner. My story was actually so boring compared to the previous people that had approached the judge. The gal before me talked all about her boyfriend, the truck, the lack of job, the tabs that she wasn't aware of and how it's not her fault anyway---cuz, he should pay for it, right???

And then I walk up there and tell my story about my drive to MOPS, at church- and how I called my sister because my nephew was sick. I apologized in my shakey- I'm-talking-in-front-of-lots-of- people-voice. I guess I was nervous, after all, I never go to court. Even going through security to get into the court room made me nervous! Thankfully, the judge was kind and he reduced my ticket.
So, here's a question for you guys.... Am I the only one who gets a thrill over the school supply section at Target? Oh, there's something about all of those bright crayons (that are still in one piece!) the paints, the fun notebooks.  The kids and I were there this evening (not for school supplies) and I could hardly resist all the fun. They just make me so happy!

Tell me it's not just me, please?
>>>Wrapping this up with a favorite read from today. I'm trying this new routine on. You know, sharing the things I love. Sharing with you, what's inspiring me. I think it sounds fun. And doable. Maybe I'm on to something.

See This Place: What a beautiful love story this is. Go read it, I promise you'll be blessed.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. I think school supplies are one the many joyful seasonal blessings..also colorful to bring joy in the changes!!

  2. I LOVE school supplies at Target...I miss it so!! Though it's always an expensive endeavor because I feel that I need them, too! ;)
    I will admit that it's nice that our school provides an option to just buy the kit--includes everything they need and it's delivered to the classroom, but I'm always sad to not get to shop for them myself. It's just too hard here. :(


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