Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An Ultimate Honor

The kids and I waited in the least kid friendly waiting room that I've ever been in for 30 minutes today. By the time we were called in for Judah's appointment, I was pretty sure they needed to hook me up and check my blood pressure. We were literally climbing the walls out there. Oh, I was so that Mom today, you know the one who's trying to bribe her kids, who's threatening under her breath and the one who's giving the "look", but none of it is working. Yep, we were quite the sight.
After his appointment, the kids ate Lunchables, while I fed Eliza. I think this is the second time in their lives that they've ever had a Lunchable. I guess something about them doesn't scream Super-Mom to me. After they were finished and I must add, they did save the Oreos for last (they've been listening!), they handed me their garbage, which I stuffed into the side of my door, with my one free hand that wasn't cradling my baby. A few moments later, when I got out of the van to buckle Eliza into her seat, Lunchable garbage came pouring out my door and blowing all around the parking area. Baby in hand, chasing my Lunchable garbage.... having kids humbles you doesn't it???

We came home and as I rocked Eliza for her nap, I started thinking about what an ultimate honor it is to know these little people better than anyone else in the world knows them. As their Momma, I know what the looks on their faces mean. I know what makes them laugh and what expressions they make when they're nervous. I know that when Eliza is tired, she blows raspberries and when Judah talks, he needs me to look into his eyes. I know that Paisley craves undivided attention and that she sings exceptionally well for not even being three. When Judah puts on his Superman costume, suddenly he is 3 times stronger and whenever I cook, Paisley runs in and pulls up a chair to help. Eliza laughs when I wipe her hands off and she gets sad after her bath, while I'm hurrying to get her jammies on.

All of the quirks that make up these little people just bless my socks off. It truly feels like the largest privilege to be the one that knows them this well.

A favorite moment from our day:

As I walked into the living room, I found Paisley reading this book to Eliza. Before they noticed me, I grabbed my phone and snapped this.


  1. Heart and humor...your children are thriving!! So wonderful! Again, absolutely love the pictures!

  2. I have been that mom way too many times than I'd like to admit! Great post!


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