Sunday, September 15, 2013

Creativity and Weekend Scenes

Creativity has been a theme this week. Creativity for surviving a long week of parenting solo and creativity to spark the imaginations of my little ones. I've discovered lately that as a Mom, I feel the most fulfilled when I see my kids feeling free to explore, build, make messes and just be the kids with wild imaginations, that God blessed me with. So, I've been trying to tame my inner Type-A neat freak and by golly, I think I've been learning something.

A week of parenting almost exclusively solo, while Husband worked long hours causes loneliness to sneak in. Even though I love those little people more than anything, dinnertime without adult conversation just isn't the same. The scary thing is that by the end of the week, I start to get used to doing everything alone, I sort of find my own rhythm, I guess. I take the kids to the mall with me and we hit TJ Maxx, I change an epic blowout in the rain and then we sit in traffic for almost 2 hours on the way home, because I forgot about the bridge construction. We had fun though and we made the most of it. See, sometimes when you need to get out, you just go and then you make it fun, because that's the best choice.

We also did dinner on the beach one night and watching them play out there while I held a sleeping Eliza was the most relaxed I've felt in a while. All week long, I lowered my expectations for myself and for them. Most nights I didn't cook. Tonight we lit candles, opened the door to listen to the rain and ate oatmeal with yogurt and raisins. It worked.

I'm learning that as a Mom, it's important to pay attention to those moments that make you feel like you're doing a good job and then intentionally create more of those moments. What is it that gives you that feeling like you're not just getting through, but you're thriving? What do your best days with your kids look like? Discover those things and then do them over and over again. Who cares what that other Mom is doing and what her best days with her kids look like. Find your best and then repeat it over and over.

For me, I need to constantly calm my inner control freak and let my kids go crazy with yarn, tape, playdough and whatever else it is that they want to create with. Reminding myself to say "yes", when for some reason, "no" seems to come out much more easily. Letting them be free to be messy, use their imaginations and remembering that in those times, I really do feel the happiest as a Mom.

A few scenes from our weekend......

///Outside play.
//Filling buckets with treasures.

///Making letters out of sticks.
///Swinging in the wind.
///Singing on the swing.
///A random stranger really living fully while flying over our house.
///New Playdough.
 ///The colors stayed separated for only about 5 minutes. That's okay.
 ///A 16x20 collage of some of my favorite Instagram photos that I created, and then printed off at Costco. I love having this on our wall!
 ///A little bit of fall in our house.

 ///Hopping competitions in the rain.


  1. This brought tears of joy! one of the things I am practicing these days is..taking a deep breath and looking and listening in the moment

  2. I too try to let go of my inner control's hard sometimes. How about the guy flying over, how random!

  3. I love this post! This is what life with young ones is ALL ABOUT! Yay!!


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