Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Santa Claus: Do you do it?

Growing up, I loved Christmas just as much as any other kid does. It was the best day of the year, often spent on the other side of our state with relatives that I adored and only saw a few times a year. Christmas was everything that it should be and it was perfect, even though I didn't believe in Santa Claus. I guess we just never did the whole Santa thing at our house, which I suppose is weird, compared to the majority of American homes.

Across the state, my husband (who I didn't know at the time), was celebrating Christmas with his family and having an equally wonderful time- while believing in Santa Claus until he was about 6 years old. He did the whole cookies for Santa thing and left the carrots out for the reindeer. At our house, we were making cookies and hanging our stockings, but just for different reasons. 

See, I don't think either way is necessarily the right way to do this. But, now I'm a Mom, who's trying to do a good job and these things hang around in my mind. And yes, I'm an over analyzer so, in September, I start randomly thinking about this stuff.

The world isn't a safe place for our kids and it definitely isn't filled with truth. It's left up to us, the parents, to be that safe place, where truth is the only option. We need to be that source of 100% reliable information, with open lines to be able to talk about anything and everything.  And ideally, I'd hope that no matter what, they would believe that their Momma would always tell them the truth, even when it's hard. It's kind of weird to me how we go all year trying to be honest with our children and teaching them how important honesty is and then we're the ones who aren't honest, when it comes to the Santa thing. But, is the tradition of Santa, the exception? 

Well, don't get me wrong, I do believe that Santa can be totally fun and harmless. Actually, at our house, so far we HAVE done Santa Claus. We've baked the cookies and left them on the plate. We've taken bites out of those cookies after all kiddos are heavily sleeping and we've wrapped presents, signed by Santa. It's been fun and I've seen that Christmas CAN be saturated with Jesus, even while doing a bit of the Santa thing. Because, isn't that what it's all about anyway? Christmas is about Jesus coming as a tiny baby, to save us and make a way for us to join Him in heaven someday. No wonder it's the best day of the year! He came for us and He is crazy about us!
As our kids get a bit older, I wonder what it'll be like when they learn that Santa isn't real. Will they feel betrayed or we will empower them to keep the fun secret, to preserve the magic for the younger ones? Will doing the Santa thing encourage me to saturate Christmas even more with the Birthday of Jesus, to keep the real meaning in focus?

Tell me about what you do at your house. Do you do Santa Clause? If you have older kids, what was it like when they "found out"? If you don't do it, why? 

A few bits of us lately....

The weather has been gorgeous and we've really been enjoying it. Sister loves finding treasures out in the yard and wandering around barefoot. She always amazes me with her love for dresses and all things girlie and also, her fierce love for being outside and getting dirty. I love this about her. 

Best big brother ever. 


  1. Oh my gosh, this sounds just like us! My husband's family never did Santa...he feels like it's just like lying to your kids for no reason. Anyway, I agree with you! I am strangely excited to see someone else who doesn't want to "do" Santa. It's definitely not the norm! :)

  2. thanks for sharing these ideas. your photos are truely stunning. the one of big brother holding baby sister just glows with love

  3. Your kids are so adorable! :)

    We don't really do Santa, but we don't not talk about him either.. we just approach it like any other fairy tale. So we watch the shows and read some books but we don't talk about him like he's real. Of course I have talked to my oldest about the REAL St. Nicholas. But that's a little different.

  4. Ugh, we are in the same boat. My family didn't do Santa and my husband's did. He has great memories and apparently no damage from the lies : )- I am adamant about not lying to my kids too, but I guess the innocent , fairy magic of Santa really appeals to me. Especially in a world that doesn't have a lot of that. So, I think that's how we're approaching it. And when I'm finally asked if Santa is real, I'll approach it like anything else that has been real to her, (teddy bear for instance), talking about the magic and love behind this traditional story, We're not doing the 'naughty and nice' aspect though. Great topic!


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