Monday, September 23, 2013

Sickies, Corn and Phone Talkers

Before I was a Mom, I never even considered what a pain the cold and flu season would be with kids. Sorry, no pun intended. Honestly, I never thought of it. I'd heard of people talk about those "snotty nosed kids", but my future children? Um, no way, not my kids.... Ha!

So, we avoided it for a long time.... I was a good Mommy, passing out daily mulit-vitamins and dropping straight up Vitamin D drops into their little mouths. And honestly, let me tell you that I DO believe in those Vitamin D drops. Our society as a whole is severly Vitamin D deficient and Vitamin D plays a huge part in our immune systems. However, the sickies still snuck into our house and Eliza has her first ever cold. As I'm writing this, I'm realizing that she's the only one who wasn't getting those extra doses of Vitamin D. Hmmmm....
She's almost 6 months so, I'm so thankful that she's been completely healthy up until this point. It's hard having a baby with a stuffy nose. I feel like after having 3 kids, I've become a pro with that nose-sucker thingy, but my skills don't make her like it any better. Poor thing. And have you ever tried to nurse a baby that can't breath out of her nose? It's not fun.

So, preschool with Paisley didn't happen today and I feel completely fine with that. Instead, she watched lots of Barney, while I took care of her little sister. You know what? Sometimes it's okay to give yourself a little break. It's good for you. There's a lot to be said about a happy Momma who isn't all stressed out about getting every.single.little.thing accomplished. Just relax.

A few photos from our Monday.

Tonight we picked our first corn from the garden, after an after dinner bike ride. It was 54 degrees outside and felt freezing! Fall is definitely here! Paisley is enthusiastic so, she doesn't wait for her corn to be cooked, she just bites right in (and then spits it out, telling us that our corn is "not good!")
And then there was this moment that happened today- my kids' first time experiencing Anne of Green Gables (in cartoon form). This makes me insanely happy. Growing up, Anne of Green Gables books were my absolute favorite. Any form of this coming into our home is exciting. I can't wait until they're old enough for me to read them the books.
This too...the moment when Judah got a phone call from his cousin, while I was cooking dinner. His face lighting up was so precious! After he had his turn talking, Paisley wanted to say hello. She took that phone and walked all around, chatting away like an old pro. I think we have a couple of phone talkers in our future.
How was your Monday?

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