Saturday, September 7, 2013

So Happy to be Back

So happy to be back here and posting today. Soon, I'll share what I learned during my break from blogging, but for now, my time is limited while all three are napping. I can't even tell you guys how happy I am though, I've missed this space and like a gift, He has given blogging back to me. I've learned a lot and I'll be excited to share that soon, but for now, here's a peek into our life.

//Everyday is a dressup day around here.
//Paisley, with her leaf bouquet. 
 //First sunrise fishing trip with Daddy. 
 //Something about my hubby lifting this boy out of bed before the sun rises and heading out to fish with him makes my heart so incredibly happy. 
//A Labor Day trip to the zoo, to wrap up summer. 
 //Pretending to do makeup, like Mama. 
 //Sunsets that show me just how much He loves us (no filter!).
Happy weekend you guys. It feels good to be back!


  1. so beautiful and what a wonderful life spent living for the glory of God! Glad to have you back my bloggy friend.

  2. happy to see you here again!!!

  3. adorable pictures!!!

    XOXO Bunnie


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