Thursday, September 12, 2013

What I Learned on my Blogging Break

This post has been partially written, in little chunks here and there for at least 3 days. All of a sudden, I'm in this season of mothering where I feel like I literally don't have a moment in the day to myself. It's the hardest season of mothering that I've experienced, but I know it's only temporary, so that's why I'm calling it a season. I'm amazed at how much of a gift it is to be a Mom and yet, how hard it can be sometimes. Where I'm at right now is the most difficult it's been, but I'm also aware of how blessed I am and I'm not taking it for granted.

Through my blogging break, I learned that when parenting seems like the hardest thing I've ever done, when it feels like it's going to swallow me in and when I feel confused, knowing I was made for this, but wishing I was better at it. When I don't know all the answers and I get sick of the questions. When I feel like I'm loosing myself in Mothering, but I'm desperate to remember who I am---It's at those times that I want to fold in and focus ONLY on my family. What I learned from my blogging break is that when things are the hardest, that's when I really need something that's just for me, and NOT about mothering.

I learned that when you feel like you've given it your all, but you get nothing back, when you feel like you've done everything, but you're good at nothing, when all you want is to be alone, but that seems impossible. When all  you do is clean and yet, your house is still messy. When you're tired of the daily normal, but you thrive on routine. When you feel lonely, but friendship is scary. When you feel done, but you want to strive to do better---You need something to help you count your blessings and that's what blogging is for me.

When I took my "break", I didn't realize how good blogging is for me. It's a creative outlet, and something that's just my own. It inspires me to break out my DSLR and through the lens, see simple things as blessings. It helps me search for beauty. It helps me see the ordinary things as gifts and it gives me a  thankful heart, which is a happy heart.

My blogging break showed me that even if I wrote 500 posts, that were just for me and all I did was post pictures of what I'm thankful for, it would be good. When life seems harder than it should be, we need to intentionally see beauty in the ordinary and that's what blogging helps me do.

So, right now--- Here it is. Thankful for these things:

///Toes in the rain.
 ///Late summer sunsets.
///Preschool at home with Paisley.
///This face. She's my sunshine every single day. 
 ///Mini Superhero masks being created for stuffed animals.
///Car washing parties.
 ///Peaceful dinners on the beach when Daddy works late.
 What about you? What are you thankful for? Let's share!


  1. amen! I am thankful for blessings God passes blessings from generation to generation like "car washing parties"! I am thankful for great leadership and guidance we receive from surprising sources and of course for the beauty of this earth...our temporary home.


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