Wednesday, October 9, 2013


For every Mom that's seen other Moms post picture perfect photo shoots of their little ones. For every Mom who wonders why her kids don't smile perfectly at the camera like that. For every Mom who's out there bribing with candy, making animal sounds and sweating her tail off..... I'm right there with you. I'm there. Bribing with literally chocolate.stink'n.pudding.
I'm a big fan of golden light and YES, we did get a few really fun shots this evening, but here are a few bloopers. Going through these photos tonight, I was literally laughing and smacking my leg. These kids of mine are crazy, I tell ya. Crazy!

Hitch'n a ride?
 Just kidding!
Eliza missed the joke.
Now she gets it. She thinks it's only kinda funny.
So we move on. I say "smile" and Paisley hears "look away and pull your brother over".
Not sure what's going on here.
 "I'll pray for you, and scratch your head at the same time, isn't that why Mom brought us here?"
Eliza just wants some grass and Judah just wants anything Paisley has. 
Say what?
All jokes aside, here are a few of my favorites.



  1. I'm literally laughing out loud at the bloopers! Thanks for posting them, so stinkin awesome. And the "good" ones are great, too!

  2. Oh this has me almost falling off my chair with laughter...absolutely!!! so fun...thanks!!!


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