Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Shenanigans

A few days ago, I sat on the couch feeding Eliza and while my precious baby was snuggled close to me, I scrolled through Instagram. I stopped on a photo of a girl who's maybe my age or a few years younger. She just graduated with a degree in business and now she's working at Nordstrom, in the corporate office, doing something big and important. 

In her photo, she was sitting there drinking a beautiful, handcrafted latte. You know, the kind with a milky (or is it foam) leaf that sits on top of the drink. Her style was impeccable, but it looked effortless. She wore skinny jeans, gorgeous boots, a chunky scarf and the cutest leather jacket.

As I looked at her photo, I couldn't believe how different are lives are. I sit and nurse my baby, while my other two kids build a jumbo-sized fort, and she sits and drinks this gorgeous work-of-art. I stared at this photo and suddenly felt like I must have the most boring, totally blah life. Like, not just a little blah, but really blah. I was sure that yes, I am blah

She was doing nothing wrong and I'm sure she's a wonderful person--truly, I mean that. However, when I looked at that photo, I went down that nasty road of comparison. My hair is too curly, I wish I had style like that. She doesn't have a single stretch mark, I'm sure of it. I bet she has a gorgeous home. Her photography is beautiful.....

Why, oh why do we compare?

The more I compare, the more I find myself feeling unhappy with my life and isn't that ridiculous?
The truth is that life is amazing. When I'm not comparing myself to someone, who for Pete's sake, I don't even know, it's easy to remember how blessed I am.

Tonight when I sat down to blog, I felt like I didn't have anything that's "blog worthy" to write about, but then I remembered that it's all worthy, because this is my blog and hey, I can write whatever the heck I want. And I kind of need to say that you're relevant too. Whatever you do, or whatever you want to say, it all matters.
Your photo? It matters if it makes you happy.
Your words? They matter just as much as anyone else's.
Your story? It's yours and it's important.

How can I sit there and compare myself to skinny, gorgeous latte girl and feel like I'm blah, when I'm home with the 3 most amazing kids in the world?

Life is beautiful, isn't it? 
This matters. 

Happy weekend you guys. Thanks for hanging with me, even when I get a little serious. I promise I'll be back next time with some sort of recipe or silly photos or something.  Really, I do hope that you have a fun weekend.



  1. LOVE this. I too constantly am comparing myself and constantly have to remind myself that this crazy and incredible life is far better than being the most well educated, well traveled, skillful photographer who farms successfully and sells things on Etsy like hotcakes on the side. I like it, imperfections and all. Also, your picture of your nephew from above is stunning.

    1. Thank you for letting me know that I'm not the only one who ever feels this way! I happen to actually think that YOU are quite amazing!

  2. thanks...I was very much brought back to reality by this edition to your wonderful blog...thanks!! These photos are all perfectly eloquent and beyond words, beautiful.

  3. Count your many blessings, name them one by one. And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

    When we keep our eyes on God, the world's voice dims and we can focus on what He has called us to be and to do. You are amazing at that! Keep on keeping on. It is so worth it!
    Love you all,

  4. I totally understand, but now that I'm a mother I feel like everyone else is missing out. Those women might have fancy jobs and time to do their hair and workout...but they have no clue what it feels like to love like this. I love your blog and your sweet family. :-)

  5. I love your life! I think you are a great mom and love how into and aware of the small things in life! Getting the family outside, baking with the kids, and relaxing on the couch while you nurse your beautiful baby! I love simple and although it may sound boring I feel we can really enjoy our families and God's creation easier than someone on the go.

  6. We all need some serious once in a while. :) I appreciate your honesty. And I would die for your GORGEOUS curls! For reals.

  7. I totally see what you mean...guess what? Your pics above are beautiful! Cheers cristina


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