Sunday, October 6, 2013

Friends with Kids

After we tucked the kids in tonight, I swept the kitchen floor while chatting with The Husband about our pre-kid days. Back in the day, we used to have a weekly get together with another couple. Neither of us had any children and we'd just sit there and visit, always finishing our sentences and never getting up during every other sentence to see what our children needed/were doing/were getting into. I cleaned the house before they came over and actually stayed clean. I made dinner for our visits and oh yes.....everyone finished what was on their plate. I never said "you need 4 more bites before you're excused". Before they came over, we didn't have that "remember your manners" talk, at least I don't remember telling my husband to remember to say please and thank you.

The funny thing is that I feel like my friendships are actually better since becoming a mom. My sentences might be interrupted and I might be slightly forgetful, usually late, and always a bit scatter brained, but my goodness, I appreciate my friends.

Having kids humbles me like I never expected it would. It's the gal who keeps on inviting us back, even though my kids are way more interested in her kids' toys, than the activity that we came there for. The friend who brings out paint for my daughter to decorate her pumpkin with, although she knows it's going to be messy. It's the friend who makes my kids sandwiches for the road, or helps me carry my 100 things to the car....because whenever I go anywhere, leaving is like a stink'n Broadway production. And then there's my sister, the best friend in the entire universe. She's the one I text while nursing. She's help me get through everything from bugs flying up my nose, while I'm feeding in the dark, to full on melt-downs, when I'm feeling like I'm way over my head in life.

Friendship with kids is humbling, messy, embarrassing, noisy and chaotic isn't it? And yet, we so desperately need each other. Our kids need to see us connecting and having fun, being real, being encouraging and showing true acceptance.

Sometimes I wonder if Moms miss out on friendships because they're afraid of their kids embarrassing them or their house not being clean enough. I've been there and I'm still there, but I'm learning that it's better to put yourself out there and remember that we've all got our own issues. Maybe reach out to someone this week, even if it feels scary???

A few scenes from our weekend:

Selfies with my girlies while big brother was gone.

Carving (and painting!) pumpkins from Margy's house, at Nathalie's. 
A little late fall garden harvest.
The best weather that anyone could ask for.


  1. Such a great post! I feel like I've had a hard time making deep connections with other moms simply because logistically it's really hard to get out and do things! Feeling very thankful for the friends I've met online in this season of life.

  2. wonderful photos!!! My closest friends know me as a Mom...probably because they have seen my heart all exposed in this wonderful experience. Those relationships are deep and precious....messy and real.

  3. Oh, can I relate! It makes me so thankful for all of the women who take the extra moment to lend a "mom-hand"! :)

  4. Love this post! So true. I feel like my friendships have just gotten better with a baby, I see how much they love her and it really rocks to have them in my life. Your post makes me want to hug people!


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