Monday, October 7, 2013

Gingerbread Playdough

It smells good.....

This playdough recipe is my all time favorite. Seriously, I never get excited about playdough, I actually secretly dislike the stuff, but this playdough is different. It smells amazing. If someone ends up eating a chunk of it, I don't care because the ingredients are all natural. It cleans up easier than the playdough from the store and seems to crumble less. Oh and did I mention that it smells like gingerbread? Well, it does. Happy Monday to you. Here's my favorite playdough recipe. Now go make some.



  1. awesome! i love that is smells like gingerbread! pinned it and will make it this week :)

  2. Just made it at 10:45 at night, because I told my boys they could play with playdough in the morning. Smells amazing!


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