Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mission Fields and Weekend Scenes

We had a really interesting speaker from Converge International share with us at church today. Mostly he focused on long term missions and what he shared was really fascinating and encouraging. All over the world, in many previously un-reached areas, God is fervently working. Lives are being changed and hearts are being filled with hope even in the darkest areas!

As I sat there listening to him, I felt stirred up inside, that I'd like to make a change also. How exciting it'd be to reach people and see God at work, transforming lives. But I'm a Mom of 3 young kids, I can't go fly off to some foreign country at this very moment so, where do I start?

I'm reminded of one time when I was laying back in a dental chair. As my dentist, a beautiful Mother of 4 children was working away on my teeth, she was sharing with her assistant that right now her mission field is in her home, with her kids. She didn't know I was listening, but those words have stuck with me for years.

Why is it that sometimes, this doesn't feel like it's enough? At first glance, it doesn't seem very exciting, adventurous or maybe not very important, but isn't it a perfect place to start and so very important?

As I head into this new week, I'm thankful for fresh days, for endless opportunities and for a mission field of my very own, right here in my home. I may not know all the answers and most days I feel totally inadequate, but He didn't call us to be perfect, He called us to just show up and ask for His help. So, let's show up tomorrow and make it a great week!

 A few scenes from the weekend.

//Pumpkin Pie making. Our first time making one from a "real" pumpkin, sans canned pumpkin. Oh my, totally yum and so worth the extra work.

//Saturday morning walk. We were out there before 8:45 and back by 10am. This was the perfect way to start the day!

 //I don't know about you, but I am SO NOT over fall. The weather here has been out of control gorgeous and I just can't get enough of it. Look at those leaves, this isn't an optical illusion you guys. They really are way larger than his head. 


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  1. Love it Angela. This is exactly what I need to be thinking about as I start my week : ) Happy Monday!

  2. It is so inspiring to think of our mission work beginning at home! Makes sense...a firm foundation provided for all the people..little and big. Joy for the journey!

  3. Always a good reminder that our family is where it all a mom, you are everything to those kids! Of course, no kid is too young to be brought out on the mission field, either; it just depends on where you go. ;) I certainly thought that 2 was too young, until God said otherwise! I miss fall in the your shots of the weeds in the sunshine!


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