Thursday, October 24, 2013

She Turned Three

Something happens to me the night before one of my babies has a Birthday. I sit there, after all tiny toes are tucked in, heads are kissed and songs are sung and as I wrap the last presents and hang the last balloons, I get all messed up. I fight the tears, but they still fall. I'm that Mom, the Mom who just wants time to slow down. I want to bottle all of the sweet times and just sit there and soak in them. These days with my 3 little ones are such crazy busy days and sometimes they are so hard, but secretly I love this. I love having a baby and a little girl and a proud preschooler. I never wish for this season to be over. I might wish for my house to stay clean for just a moment or no more tantrums, but I never wish for these kids to grow up.  Never. 

So, Paisley turned 3 and we had a great day celebrating what a sweet blessing she is to us. For her party, I went the easy route this year. It just felt right to keep things easy and to still try and make her day extra special. 

I feel like there just isn't a "right" way to throw a Birthday party. Some years we do a big shebang and other years, we keep it special and simple. This was one of those special and simple years. It just felt right.
A few days before her Birthday, I decided to print off a few pictures of her first 3 years. Woah....I take way too many photos! We're talking thousands you guys. So yes, it took me awhile to narrow it down to these few. It was fun to look back and revisit many of the special moments that we've experienced with her.
Suddenly she is so big and she loves being a princess. Before I went to bed, I laid out her princess dress with a crown, wand and wings for her on the table. When she woke up, I wanted her to feel like she could immediately step into her special day. Come sweet girl, put your crown on and grab your we're celebrating you.
Balloons were hung across her doorway while she was sleeping. This was a fun surprise for her to wake up to in the morning.
As soon as she awoke, she wanted to color a picture for herself for her Birthday and so, she did. When you're 3, coloring yourself a Birthday picture is a great thing to do, right?
Later in the morning we painted nails with Auntie and drank hot chocolate.
And then, while the kids napped, I decorated her cake.

It's all about purple, pink and sparkles right now.
How is she this big?
When Daddy came home, he brought her flowers and a balloon.
In the evening, we had the Grandparents, my sister, her husband and their boys over. It was a really nice time with them and Paisley loved every moment of her party.

She is pure love, energy, excitement and emotion. She is smart, funny, great friends with her brother and so loving with her little sister. It amazes me that God hand picked her for our family and I'm so thankful.


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  1. It is wonderful how you celebrated the entire day for precious Paisley. The balloons on her door in the morning, Daddy bringing home flowers just for her...such personal ways to show love on her special day. Hooray!


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