Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Switch & Go Dino SkySlicer the Allosaurus Giveaway!

Hi Friends! How's your week going so far? I'm up to my waist in last minute party preparations for Paisley's 3rd Birthday, but I thought I'd take a break from the purple and pink princess craziness for a few minutes, and post this fun giveaway for you all. 

This Switch & Go Dino SkySlicer the Allosaurus is a toy that Judah, our 4 year old son has been loving lately. I love it too, because it's one piece (as in, we don't have lots of little pieces floating around the house), the volume has isn't too loud, and I really see his imagination go wild when he's playing with it. 

When he had Show 'N Tell at preschool for the letter D, he took his SkySlicer with him. Apparently all the boys in his class loved it. Now you can win one of your very own! Hey, it's never to early to start stashing away Christmas presents, right? 

The ultimate kid’s toy, Switch & Go Dinos® easily transform between a dinosaur and a vehicle in a few simple steps.
  • Each of the collectible Switch & Go Dinos® features high-quality electronics and a unique transformation feature to provide a 2-in-1 imaginative play experience.
  • In dinosaur mode, sound effect buttons emit realistic dinosaur sounds and phrases that teach facts about each dino, providing kids with fun and enriching playtime.
  • Additional Dinos in the Switch & Go line include Jagger the T-Rex™, Blister the Velociraptor™, MC Roar the Giganotosaurus™, Stompsalot the Amargasaurus™, Quiver the Stygimoloch™, Torr the Therizinosaurus™ and Akuna the Velociraptor™ - collect them all!
  • SkySlicer the Allosaurus transforms from a jet plane into a fierce Allosaurus!
  • Play in jet plane mode and choose your pilot on the 1.5" LCD screen and have fun with the high-flying wings and realistic jet plane sound effects.
  • Switch to dinosaur mode to see SkySlicer‘s animated dinosaur eyes, his powerful arms and big, strong tail.
  • Sound effect buttons play realistic dinosaur sounds and phrases that teach pre-historically awesome dinosaur facts!
  • Join SkySlicer on his favorite adventure…this guy loves to hunt!
To learn more, please visit the VTech website, find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter

For this giveaway and review, I was provided with a sample by VTech. As always, these opinions are mine.


  1. Fun giveaway! I have three boys to stash away gifts for...good idea!

  2. Love this toy! talk about a bonus with the interaction & learning piece. I love how it teaches about the dinosaur. When you have little boys (or girls) at that ripe learning age, theyre like sponges and the toys that teach are always the best ;) Awesome review & giveaway! Fingers crossed :)

  3. Noah told me about this! And that he wants one really bad, so this would be amazing!

  4. This is the top of my sons Xmas list...hot toy this Xmas

  5. Nifty! That would be a great gift for my friends' son!

  6. What a fun looking toy and a cute little guy!

  7. That is the cutest little dinosaur robot ever. My nephew would love that!

  8. Hi! Love your blog and this giveaway! Would love to win for my grandson for Christmas! bjn1957{at}gmail{dot}com

  9. what a cute little guy! always looking for fun new toys to chill the house. MaryMcQuillen@gmail.com


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