Friday, October 11, 2013


The last few days, I've watched some people I care about go through hard things. Dark, ugly, messy stuff. It's so hard to see people you love in the trenches. Watching people you care about struggle is sometimes a helpless feeling. I often feel like I lack the appropriate words in these situations. How can you use words, just words, to let someone know you want to be there for them? How do I explain that even in messy places that feel hopeless, God is still good and He has a plan? A good, mighty, BIG plan?

It's not just one situation, it's multiple situations and multiple people that are dealing with stuff. When I sit and think about the various stuff that people are dealing with, their pain can overwhelm me and start to take me down. I've realized though that sometimes the enemy wants to take us down with those that are hurting. Instead of us being strong for them, the enemy wants us to become weak. Weak with depression from the ugliness around us. Because if we get weak from watching people hurt, then we won't be able to help them and more of us will struggle- follow?

Over the last few days, I feel like I've started to go into fighter-chick mood. When ugliness is going on around us, we can either sit there and feel desperate about these situations or we can get stirred up- determined that this is NOT going to take us down and that we'll be made stronger, to be strong for the people who need us.

When we see hard things going on around us and hurting people we care about, we don't let these things trample us. Instead we need to take this as our time to become stronger and help. We put on our armor and make a conscious choice to not sit and wallow in the sadness, but to fight for change.

It's always been hard for me to watch the news or read news articles about sad things. I can't watch scary movies. I'm a feeler and I feel things strongly. Just recently, I've realized that being a feeler and really feeling things is okay. God has shown me that when I see people going through hard stuff, He wants me to be able to feel for them and also to still see the beautiful things in my life. I've learned that it's good to be able to do both.

He didn't create us to be numb. He created us to feel all of it. The sadness from situations that we'll never understand, to the pure joy that He intends for us. He wants us to feel it all, and He wants us to experience life in a full way- feeling for the people around us, while still being strong in Him. It's like we can feel, but with our armor on. We know the oven's hot, so we put an oven mit on, when we open it up. We feel the hard stuff, but we don't let it burn us.

Over the last few days, I've realized that even when the world is going through hard times, it's okay to still see blessings in our days. We can't feel guilty for wanting to count our blessings, when people that are close to us are hurting. We choose to not be numb. We see happy things and we see sadness. We react to both and we choose to let one or the other consume us. 

Wrapping this up with a few blessings:
This girl, watching the rain.
 Hat season. Babies in hats are my favorite.
I apologize if this post seems totally vague, way too serious and for the fact that it doesn't have a title. Sometimes I'm vague and sometimes I'm serious, it's me. Oh and sometimes, I can't think of a title.
Lots of love.  
♥ Angela

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  1. the look on your baby girl's face just says "joy".. and peace....thanks for sharing....this is wonderful


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