Friday, November 22, 2013

Five Friday Favorites

We spent this morning with some of our MOPS friends at a local Gymnastics place. The kids had the best time and I had fun too, although my voice is gone so, I wasn't as chatty as I would have liked to be. After lots of jumping and tumbling, everyone is napping and I'm here to share a few Friday Favorites with you.

A Pinterest Board I love:
Sarah Kieffer, from the Vanilla Bean Blog, has the most beautiful board on Pinterest, called Motherhood. Her style is so unique and the photos she pins always inspire me and help me remember just how special motherhood is. Actually, all of her boards are soaked with style and inspiration. She's one of my favorites.

Current Favorite Drink:
A grande Americano with a splash of skinny mocha, a splash of sugar-free peppermint and a splash of cream. Thank you dear sister, for telling me about this guilt-free deliciousness. 

Favorite piece of mail from this week:
This came from Shutterfly. I love it so, so much. I've felt a bit defeated with how badly I've gotten behind on our baby books. Holding this took a lot of my guilt away.

Favorite Deal:
These Crocs from Zulily-specifically the rain boots. I didn't even know that Crocs makes rain boots. Aren't they so fun? I bet they'd really hold up well, too!

Favorite Smell:
Juniper Ridge Cascade Glaciar Cabin Spray. This bottle of heaven was at our vacation cabin and even though we've been home for awhile now, I'm not over it. Actually, everything on this website looks really interesting.
Happy weekend, friends!


  1. hmmm thanks for sending out all these inspiring ideas happy Friday!

  2. Love shutterfly! Have you ever snagged a free 8x8 coupon from the grocery store? Every now and then I get one and it feels like winning the lottery! Thanks for sharing that Pinterest board- the best!

    XO/Lena @ Root&Blossom

  3. I love Shutterfly. I made Ben's mega baby book on there throughout his first year of life. I hope I can keep up with any future children. :)


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