Thursday, November 21, 2013

Giving Thanks and Clearing Out

This week I've been on a bit of a mission--a clean out and clear out sort of mission. For me, I have to be aware of the fine line that sits between motivated and over the top this-must-be-done-right-now. Easily I can slip onto the more extreme side, which doesn't bring out the nice Momma in me. See, with 3 little kids, that can't yet tie their own shoes, my goals need to be realistic. I'd love to just wake up, pump myself full of coffee, crank up the music and organize the entire house, but those ideas only leave me frustrated. So, instead of becoming frustrated and overwhelmed, I've been tackling one project at a time, with a baby at my feet, and two preschoolers who go through my piles.

Specifically, I've been wanting to sort our kids toys and clothes. I'm humbled when I think about how some people in the world don't even have shoes, but our kids drawers literally overflow, mostly with hand-me-downs that we've been given. And toys! Just the other day I was talking with my MOPS gals about this and we all agreed that our kids have way too many toys. So much so, that they don't even know what to play with, because they're overstimulated from having too many options.

Next month, when we celebrate Christ's birth, our houses will once again, be filled with more stuff. So, as we prepare for Thanksgiving and slowly slip into the most wonderful time of the year, I'm trying to go through our stuff and give thanks as we give it away.

I feel like November is the perfect time of year to clean up and clear out because it's inevitable that next month, even if we try to go small, we'll be receiving new things. As I have the kids try on their clothes, so I can see if they still fit or if they go in the "giveaway" pile, it's easy for them to let go of their things, because they know that new things are coming. Also, they've been given so much from friends and relatives, that it just seems like a normal part of life, to give our things away in return. I don't hide this cleaning up and clearing out process from them, I want them to take part in it and know that we've been blessed, to be a blessing.

On November 1st, I'd considered making this into a blog series, where we'd go through our homes together, getting rid of the things we don't need and now I wish I would have done that. Although it's too late for this to become the series that I'd considered, it's not too late to go through all those toys and clothes, before December. Imagine starting the Christmas season with freshly cleaned out closets and toy baskets? Something about that just makes me down right giddy.

We have 9 more days of November and I'm hoping to clean out and giveaway things from one small area (a closet or toy box), for each of those 9 days. I'll be doubling up one day so, that I can skip Thanksgiving and just stuff my face with turkey on that day instead.
Join me on simplifying before December?

Wrapping  up with this sweet video, that made me tear up this evening. All of you Moms are so amazing, no matter where you're at and no matter how much you feel like you messed up today. Tomorrow is new and you do so much . The video is short, take a look....


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  1. It helps to break this process into doable "baby" steps. It can be frustrating to look at all the work to be done but as the good saying goes, "inch by inch anything's a synch"!!! So, thanks for the good inspiration!!
    I think it is very wise to involve the kids in the process...what a great learning opportunity!!


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