Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Thankful Leaves

I'm so thankful for November and for the opportunity that this month gives us, to intentionally count our blessings. Intentional thankfulness is something that I truly believe in. I've been reading 1000 Gifts for a few months now, purposefully only reading a few pages at a time. The book is just so good that I never want it to end. This thankfulness thing is like a hidden secret that I want to fully grasp. I want to get this so fully, that it becomes part of me--- that I would be able to breathe in and breathe out thankfulness, and not complaints or grumbling. Oh, I need to work on this!

My children need this lifestyle of gratitude to be part of them as well and we're working on it. One thing we often do, especially after a crazy morning, trying to get out of the house, is to go around and name off 3 things that we're each thankful for. Even if we've had an awful morning, a quick thankful list always helps us turn the day around. It always works!

For November, we're placing leaves on this tree, with our blessings written on them. Each day, we'll talk about something we're thankful for, write it on the leaf, and then tie it to the tree. It's a simple way to intentionally talk about our blessings and an easy way to involve the kids. 
To be prepared for the month, I went ahead and cut out 30 leaves from fall colored paper. This way, we're all prepared and I won't run out of time to go cut our leaf for the day out.

Tonight Daddy talked about our blessings with the kids. Judah said that he's thankful for Paisley and Paisley said that she's thankful for Judah.

As this month continues on, don't be surprised if I post lots of " Daily Thankful" posts, with a few pictures and words. Having my camera out and taking photos of our ordinary, messy and blessed life is something that really helps me keep gratitude present in our everyday normalness. Through the lens, the daily chaos stands still and it reminds me of how much we really should be thankful for.

I encourage you to do this too. Keep your camera out and find those moments where the chaos stands still and you can see the beauty in the ordinary.

Wrapping this up with a few Thankfuls from today.
Suddenly this boy seems so old. Today he sat at the table, coloring, cutting paper, gluing and creating for literally two hours straight. He's wanting to learn how to write and he's been learning his letter sounds. Seeing him so eager to learn is such a joy for me as his Momma!
Sweet moments with this girl at her 6 month appointment. Being out with just her is such a treat.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. aha! I love what you wrote here. When you said "intentionally" and "when the chaos stands still" I thought oh that is why she takes such heartfelt beautiful photos. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration. Some things I am most thankful for include: dear children, grandchildren, the beauty of this world.


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