Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekend Scenes

This weekend was packed with family time, which was exactly what we needed. What I love the most about family time is that you don't need to be doing anything fancy for it to be special. We stayed pretty close to home, cleaned the garage and spent time outside. I took my little ladies to Target with me, while Judah and Daddy worked on a project.. They are so good to me. I get an idea from Pinterest and before I know it, they're out there with scrap wood and drills. They put up with me and my "It'll be easy! It should only take just a few minutes to make that!" And for the record, I always think it'll be easier than it actually is, but still, they put up with my crazy ideas and so far, they haven't banned me from the internet.

After the kids were in bed, we stayed up late and watched a Christmas movie. Sunday, we made stew in the crock pot and a practice round of Thanksgiving stuffing---because you know, it's always good to do a "practice", just to make sure it tastes alright.

Eliza started to master the fine art of Cheerio eating and learned that she also really likes to eat chunks of banana. Rosie the dog got excited about this new phase, called finger food. Daddy read the kids stories in bed, while the sun beamed through the windows and I organized the kids toys and gathered a box of stuff to giveaway. 

We built a shelf, watched the old original Superman cartoons, listened to loud Christmas music, made an epic-huge trip to Winco and bought new Christmas lights. 

I'd say it was a great weekend. 

Just a few scenes.....

Vests and hats. Baby, it's cold outside. 
The Christmas section at Target brings us JOY. 
Recently, he'll sit and color for literally hours. I hope this phase sticks around for awhile.
My house is covered with random Superman drawings and coloring pages....they make me smile.
Hey there, blue eyes.
She's growing too quickly. She needs to slow down.
Story time in bed with Daddy.
Seriously, Eliza?? You have my heart!
Where's Waldo?
Pajamas, messy toothpaste mouths and Paisley's sporting some boxers over her footies PJs. Crazy kids.

Hi there.
Today I stayed home from church because I've been sick. In his Sunday school class, he colored a yellow sunshine on a piece of wood, because he knows I love sunshine and yellow. Then, he had his teacher write, "I hope you feel better soon."  When he brought that home, it made my day. These kids, they know our favorites, even when we don't realize that they're paying attention.
She loves him and so do I.
Pioneer Woman cast iron skillet corn bread. Highly recommended. 
Shelf building, because I'm weird and new shelves make me happy. 


  1. I was so happy to hear about your wonderful weekend. Sorry you've been sick though.....hope you're better now! I love shelves too.... yes, our children do grow too are very good at capturing the precious moments tho'!!

  2. Looks like fun! We spent a good hour looking at the Target Christmas decorations the other day. Seriously, some of the best entertainment : ) Eliza is so adorable! Love her beautiful baby blues!


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