Sunday, November 17, 2013


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It was one of those weekends where I felt like we needed to make some serious lemonade with the lemons we were given. Saturday morning, my honey set out for work and after having a little cry about how pathetic my Saturday was, I decided that we would make the most of it. So, we cranked up the Christmas music, made clay ornaments, ate soup by candlelight and then watched Christmas movies. Turns out, even on days that feel a little lame and very un-saturday'ish, there's always something to be thankful for.

The kids had a blast making these clay ornaments. They'll be drying for a few days and then we'll paint them together. Just a little secret-I saved a bit of clay for myself to play with after bedtime sometime soon. There are lots of great ideas out there and I'm excited to make a few of these on my own, without my little helpers.
Sunday was extra special, as we gathered at church with lots of friends and family, to celebrate our sweet baby's dedication. This girl is a ray of light in my life and publicly declaring that we'll strive to raise her with love, patience and heart for Jesus, was extra special. My Mom and my sister and her family joined us for the dedication and being all together for church made my heart so happy.

As I look through these photos from the weekend, I'm seeing a common theme. It's pretty obvious that Christmas is creeping into our house early this year and you know what? I'm ready. With kids, things always go too quickly so, we're welcoming little pieces of the season in.

A few scenes from the weekend.....

Welcoming, Frosty.

 Clay ornament making.
 The clay we used is made by Crayola and it's really easy to work with.
 The kids (especially Judah), loved making these. He worked on his for well over an hour. 
 After they dry, we'll paint them and hang them with string.

 Lunch by candlelight.

 After nap snuggles.
 And this game. Oh my gosh, this is my favorite. 
He dresses up like Santa Claus, makes a sleigh in the living room with chairs and then gathers his stuffed animals to be the reindeer. He waits until it's dark and then he takes off and delivers toys around the house. 
When he gets ready to "go down the chimney", he pulls this black pant leg over his head and says that this is how Santa doesn't get burned.

After he delivers all the presents, he does a jump and a spin, declaring that he's magical and that he'll see me next year.
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  1. well you sure did make some serious lemonade!! I love the Santa game, the beautiful ornaments (and that you were wise enough to reserve some for yourself alone) this sure does show the seemingly insignificant things are of great importance....great lemonade!

  2. oooh this reminds me that I want to make some ornaments with my little one this year! I'm sorry you had lemons, but glad you made lemonade. Great attitude.


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