Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday-Boot Sniffer

Okay, so I can't go completely wordless here, or else you all might be a little concerned about this girl, sitting here sniffing her boots.
Here's a little history behind the boot sniffing......

Our kids wear rubber boots a lot, to the point that their boots were literally cracking at the seams. So, today we stopped by The Farm Store and picked up some new boots. While we were in there, we looked for baby chicks and wished for baby bunnies, but not today. Today it was all about the boots.

When we got home, Paisley informed me that she just wanted to hold her new boots and sniff them. And so, that's what she did. She sat there and breathed in that new boot smell.

Two reasons why I know she's my daughter: 1. She loves shoes 2. When she loves something, she smells it. I get it, that's why I'm addicted to the smell of my babies, I'm a love sniffer also.


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