Tuesday, December 10, 2013

4 Things Awesome, 2 Things Not and Christmas Stuff

December seems to be one of those months that's filled with all sorts of special times, but not a lot of opportunities for me to sit down and journal our everyday life. Is it just me or do you find yourself pulling more late nights during this season, than normal? I swear, I love going to bed at a decent hour. Sleep is one of my all time favorite hobbies, but lately, I haven't been closing my eyes until at least midnight and the funny thing is that I still feel like I'm cruising along just fine. Maybe it's the extra coffee I've been throwing back. Coffee, it was created for Moms, I'm sure of it!

Yesterday we celebrated my husband's Birthday with his parents and my family. We went out to Chinese food for dinner, which in therory is a great idea, but in reality, Chinese restaurants (without a kids menu, mind you) are one of the more tricky places to bring a herd of small children. Paisley sat between Grandma and Grandpa and ate just fine, possibly because they were chopstick feeding her rice, like she was a helpless little bird. And really, Paisley loves being a little bird. She plays that role well.
Getting Daddy's present all ready. 

On the other hand, Judah was terribly tired from being up sick most of the night before and he didn't eat a single bite. Instead, he talked across the table with his cousin and in between their visiting, he laid himself out across my lap, and attempted to rest.

After the kids were in bed and I cleaned up from Husband's Birthday party, we hunkered down and started watching the Sound of Music. You know, the one that was recently on TV with Carrie Underwood. He'd never seen the Sound of Music before, and this version of it only resembles the original, but it was still fun to start watching it. I forgot about all of those classic songs! The Hills are Alive! Doe a deer, a female deer....I don't think my hunny has ever seen me sing that much, while watching a movie. I just couldn't contain myself! They kept on coming back to me! All I can say is that he's lucky that I didn't start dancing.
The sunsets lately have been unbelievable. This image is straight off the camera. Look at those colors! 

So, besides celebrating my husband, with family and food, watching the Sound of Music and praying for snow, here are a few random bits of our life lately:

4 Things Awesome.
1. Judah stayed home from school sick yesterday, so today we did preschool at home. He's on the letter "L" this week and with just a google search, I ended up with numerous "L" worksheets for him and Paisley. The internet is awesome.

2. Watching Judah teach Paisley is also awesome. Scene: They're at the kitchen table, working on their preschool, while I'm unloading the dishwasher and Paisley has a question about the letter L. She can't remember which one is the big L which one is the small L. Instead of me helping her, Judah steps in and teaches her the difference. Older siblings helping the younger ones is awesome.

3. All 3 kids ate a crazy amount of homemade (baked) sweet potato fries for lunch. This makes me feel like a good Mom and helps me feel like we're making up for the junk we ate over the weekend. Making one thing for everyone, including Eliza is awesome.

4. Today I gave my kids a bath, in the morning, before 10am. This doesn't usually happen, unless it's nighttime and they're starting to smell. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but really, bathing everyday isn't good for their skin so, we try to find a happy balance with the whole bath thing.

2 Things Not Awesome.
1. The couscous didn't work for my phone, so I finally went and bought a new one. All of my contacts and photos and videos are gone. This is sad.
2. It's been frrrrrreeeezing for over a week, but it still hasn't snowed. I really want snow, really, really, bad.
 Christmas crafting. Lots of this has been going on lately.

Snowman pancakes, just because they're fun.
 Bedtime books under the tree.

Random Christmas Stuff.
1. Every year we buy one special ornament for the kids and we write their name and the year on it. The ornaments that we found this year are so them, that I can hardly stand it. When I came across the one for Eliza, I almost had a moment in Target. Seriously, this is the easiest Christmas tradition, that brings us all so much joy.

2. The same day that we found the ornament for Eliza, we also got her stocking and then yesterday, I had her name put on it. Our town has a little embroidery shop and they do the best job, for just a few bucks.

3. This year, I feel like we've been doing just the "right" amount of Christmas. We haven't been running around too crazy, trying to keep up with every activity offered, or trying to establish 100 perfect traditions. I feel like it's a season of trying to not over do it and enjoy what we do. We're having a great December and even while we're trying to keep it simple and intentional, I still feel like this month is flying by too quickly.

Lots of love.

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  1. such a beautiful Christmas season you are having...it felt relaxing just to read about it and see the wonderful pictures....my favorite is reading under the tree...thanks!! merry Christmas


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