Wednesday, December 4, 2013

4 Things

1. Today two really embarrassing things happened to me. First, when we were driving in town, I thought I saw my sister coming down the road towards me. Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking because the car in the other lane didn't even slightly resemble hers, but regardless of that very large clue that it was NOT her, I started waving. When sisters wave, they don't just do a little half wave either. Oh no, they take both hands off of the wheel and full body wave, with a mouth-open big goofy smile. That sister look-a-like is probably still wondering if my favorite song came on the radio, or if I was choking.

The second embarrassing moment was a Facebook mishap and since it's totally inappropriate, I can't really fully share what happened. Let's just say that there are two terrible things that happen when you embarrass yourself on Facebook. Number one- basically everyone you know sees it and they see it without you there to explain what really happened, or what you really meant. The second bad thing about Facebook and smart phones is that you can be scrolling along, while perhaps nursing your baby and sometimes that baby moves and then your finger accidentally hits the "like" button on something horrible, that should never be liked. You know, stuff that's really awful and most likely some sort of Rated R spam, that for some reason, is posting under a friends name (either that, or I need to delete a few friends). When you realize that you accidentally "liked" previously mentioned horrible spam, you then quickly hit "dislike", but out of panic, you hit it multiple times and next thing you know, your phone's freaking out- like! dislike! like! dislike!
And so, you call your sister and laugh about it and hope that no one judges you based on your horrible Facebook taste.

2. Tomorrow my sister, Eliza and I are going to meet the Pioneer Woman at one of her book signings. I just love her. I love that she's a homeschooling Mom of 4, I love her writing and her photography. I love that she has a garden and that she isn't afraid of bacon and real butter. I know, it's silly, but her blog is one of my all time favorites. So, I'm excited! When I told the kids that I was going to meet her, Judah got the biggest goofy smile on his face. They always watch her show with me and they love her, like I do. So, since I have no clue what I'll say to her, the kids have given me their ideas.
Here's what they think I should say:

I saw you in that book!
Do your kids eat pancakes?
I loves (with an s) you!
What do you cook every night?
I'm hungry, Pioneer Woman!
Pioneer Woman, I want a snack!!!
Thanks for the cookbook!
Thanks for having me to your house.

That last one was from sweet Judah. I guess he actually thinks I'm going to her house. Sorry buddy, I wish. Seriously though, I have no idea what I'll say. I guess it's good that I'm bringing Eliza with me. Babies are the best conversation starters, aren't they?

3. On Black Friday, I found a steal of a deal on Photoshop Elements. It came in the mail today and I'm scared-excited-intimidated-totally pumped up, to learn how to use it. Photography brings me so much joy and to properly edit my photos, I realized that I needed a better program. So, woohoo! Here's to learning something new!

4. I need some fresh Christmas music ideas. My favorite Christmas CDs at the moment are:
Casting Crowns: Peace on Earth
Chris Tomlin: Glory in the Highest
Relient K: Let it Snow Baby...Let it Reindeer
What are some of your favorites? Help me out, will ya?

A little phone photo dump.....
Gearing up for her first Christmas!
 First Christmas cookies to take over to our friend Nathalie's. Yeah, we had to taste a few before taking them over. Good friends taste test the cookies before bringing them to a playdate, right?
 'Twas the Night Before Christmas....on the stairs, in the sun.
 Happy mail.
 One last look before bed. 


  1. Awww, this is such a great post! I don't even know where to start with all that I loved about it. Have a blast tomorrow at the book signing! Your kiddos are adorable as always. I love getting to know you better as I follow you on your blog :)

  2. Totally laughing here because I can imagine myself doing all of those things! I once honked and waved emphatically, hanging out the window thinking I was waving to my best friend, but it turned out to be his dad. :) Eliza is getting so big!!

  3. So excited for you to have Photoshop Elements! So fun. I've been giddy over every every single new program I've ever gotten. Love! Excited for you!

  4. Okay, so, 1) I totally embarrased myself at church last week in the same way when I saw one of my friend's dopplegangers! Like waved frantically across the room and said, "Hey, you!" in a highpitch voice while she gave me weird looks. Then I ran into the real friend, saw the different clothes and found out my husband said hi to the doppleganger too and we all had a good laugh. AND 2) I really want to hear what you said to the Pioneer Woman, I hope it was "I loves you, I'm hungry." AND 3) I found out we are connected in two different way. My cousin-in-law Amy's son Logan is in your son's class and your Instagram friend Annaliciahemingson is friends with my old friend Amy Shelley. Small world, huh?


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