Thursday, December 26, 2013

About The Blog---Updated!

For the next few days, or maybe a week (depending on my time), things might look a bit "under construction" around here. I've been looking forward to dusting the cobwebs off the blog and sprucing things up for the new year. To start, I finally, I mean fiiinnnnnaaallly, updated the "About the Blog" section. Go check it out and tell me if I missed something! It's very likely that I did.

This space has been such a great creative outlet for me and I'm excited to move forward with more boldness into 2014. I feel like this next year is the year to hold nothing back. To write more freely, capture more moments through the lens and chase after the dreams that God's been tucking into our hearts. God has big things in store for this next year and we have every reason to feel expectant and excited!

But, enough of my New Year's speech. All I wanted to say is that the About section is updated and that things might look a little wonky for awhile.
Thanks for hanging in there with me.


  1. what a sweet surprise I always get when viewing your blog...and this was so very very special to me!!! I am excited for the New Year, including what I will get to enjoy in your blog!

  2. excited to read all about the directions the Lord takes you!


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