Sunday, December 1, 2013

Deck'n the Halls

I read the best article last night. It's short, to the point and if you're a Mom, you really need to just take the minute or two and go read this. It's like the lady read my mind when she wrote it. My desire for this season is to take it all in slowly, to choose when I say "yes" wisely and to not feel guilty if I say no or don't "keep up" with all the other Moms out there. I've realized that I'm my best self when I'm not too busy and honestly, I just hate that word, busy.  This season is meant to be  enjoyed and as we enter our December, that's the mantra that I'm going to carry for my family. We will go slow and we will enjoy.
A little about our weekend.......

Paisley threw up yesterday before we headed out to get our tree. I thought it was just a freak I-chugged-my-drink-too-fast, type of throw up. This morning however, I changed my mind about the whole thing as I sat down to feed Eliza and just as I started singing Silent Night to her, she barfed all over me, the chair and the floor. Our big plans for decking out the house looked a little different as we dealt with a super sick Paisley and a grumpy and sick Eliza. Between hanging a few ornaments on the tree and unpacking our decorations, I scrubbed the floor countless times, changed their clothes, changed my clothes, gave them both baths and called my sister to laugh with her about how ridiculous this whole thing is. You know when you just need to laugh about something, so that you don't cry? Well, that's why I called her. Laughing about throw up and making inappropriate poop jokes always works. See, it wasn't just throw up that I scrubbed all day. It was the other stuff, that's supposed to go in the toilet. Those poor kids. They can't help it and they are so sick!

So, reading that last night was exactly what I needed. Our decorating day looked a bit different than what I'd anticipated, but it all worked out. The whole house still needs to be vacuumed and I'm not done decorating, but that'll happen when there's time and when my kids are healthy again.

For now, we're welcoming December, looking forward to all that this month brings and really hoping that the kids wake up healthy in the morning. Really, really, hoping for healthy kids. Did I say really? I meant really.


  1. Hope and pray that those little darlings are better today!! Love all the E. in front of the twinkly tree and (of course) the snowy wise old owl. Thanks for sharing these lovely things in the midst of your challenging day. Blessings...

  2. Just hopped over from ETST and love your blog Angela! Your children are just presh and I love all three of their names. We just got our xmas tree this weekend and I hope to get my post up soon also! New follower!

  3. You captured the joy and love of your family in these photos. Also, I love the jacket you are wearing! I'm sorry about your sick babies...puke just sucks. I'm going to read that article right now. :)

  4. We have always had fake trees so I love the idea of going to a tree farm! What a sweet experience! Thanks for linking up!

  5. Hi, just wanted to say hope you all feel better soon, love your tree!

  6. Very pretty!!!

    Just stopping by from Kelly's Korner.

    I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!!


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