Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's Not Too Late- A Great Advent Verse Resource!

It hit me today. We're two weeks out from Christmas and basically, I could either become overwhelmed with all of my undone to-dos or I could look at this next two weeks as an opportunity to squeeze out everything that this 2013 Christmas season should be. See you guys, it's not too late. This can still be the season that it was meant to be! We won't wish for a do-over, because we still have time. There is still time to refocus, breathe in, let go of anything that doesn't belong and fix our eyes on what matters during this season.

Last year, we started the tradition of opening an Advent "pocket" each day and during the year, the kids have been anticipating these little pockets.
This year, I've approached this season a little more relaxed and while that's totally a good thing, not having a plan for these treasured pockets hasn't been a good thing. 

Each day the kids are like "Oh! We need to open a pocket!!!" And then I pretend I didn't hear them.... 
No for real, I hang my head like um....yeah, about that pocket. Oh boy. 

I quickly rack my brain for a half-decent idea to write on the paper inside of the pocket and most of my ideas have been lame. "Oh kids, it looks like it says we get to do another Christmas movie with hot cocoa!"
Blah. Totally a waste of something that really means a lot to the kids.

I'm learning that yes, relaxed is good, but having a plan is even better. So, today when it hit me that we're two weeks out, it also hit me that we need MORE Jesus in our Christmas and that's it's not too late to make this season full of everything that it was intended to be. We need more Jesus!

So, while the kids napped, I took our advent pockets down and I printed off a verse for each day and on the back of the paper, I wrote down something small that we can do for someone else. You know, take food to the food bank. Make cards for our helpers at MOPS. Bring a treat to Great Grandma.....
Finally, I feel like our advent calendar is what it's supposed to be. It might have taken me awhile to catch on and finally get it, but hey! Better late than never, right? Right.

I wanted to share the source with you all for the verses that I printed off today. I love how each day, the verse is right there, all ready and it's short and simple. My kids are young and I'd loose them with long paragraphs, but they get this.

The Advent Verse Free Printables are from Happy Home Fairy. Go get them here


  1. Such a great idea! Love it! Thanks for the printables, too. I receive K-Love's verse every day via email & I usually share that with the kids. Saves me some time on trying to come up with a verse before hand. If you decide you want to continue a verse a day after Advent, maybe look into K-Love's one. It's free, too.

    And it was very nice meeting you yesterday!

  2. really a good idea and the little scripture cards are very pretty... very inspiring! It is so great that your kids are learning to appreciate these important things through fun traditions


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