Monday, December 2, 2013

Mason Jar Snow Globes

I feel like this post deserves a small little preface. There are two things that should probably be mentioned before I go any further.
Number One: I had coffee way too late in the day and not just one cup, but a few. See, it was all with good intentions. I got together with the gals from my MOPS table tonight and I wanted to be perky. Well, I'm still perky and it's way past my bedtime. But hello, I can sure type speedy tonight so, that means that this post should probably be done in about 3.5 seconds and then I'll go do something exciting like clean my kitchen.

Number Two: I love snow and there's a small chance that it might snow in my neck of the woods soon so, I'm a little giddy about that. Do a happy snow dance for me, will you?

So, moving on.
I've been wanting to make these little snow globes for awhile now and last Friday when my brave sister and I went Black Friday shopping (which was actually super fun and not scary or weird like people make it out to be), I picked up the materials that I needed for them. These are so easy you guys and super fast to make. Super fast is my style lately. I need instant gratification. You know, just enough craftiness for my house to smell like a glue gun, but not so much craftiness that it'll take all day or clutter up my entire dining room.

A big part of Christmas magic comes in a quiet snowfall and since we don't get snow that often, these little winter wonderlands are sitting on the table. Winter wonderland in a jar, I guess.

Here's what you do.
Lightly spray paint the inside of a mason jar (or two, or ten), with a can of glitter spray paint. Remember when you're spraying that a little goes a long way.You want to still be able to see into your jar and hey, there are a million things you can do with your left over glitter spray!
Next, you'll need to flip your lids over and hot glue your trees and whatever else you'd like to use to the underside of the jar lid. If you have tiny hands in your house that'll be shaking your snow globes, use lots of hot glue. The more shaking you anticipate, the more glue you'll need. I used lots. 
With a cup that pours easily, add a small amount of artificial snow to each jar. This snow comes in big bags at any craft store and it's super cheap.
 Put your lid on and twist on the ring. Aren't they fun?

Wrapping this up with the winner for the Shutterfly Photo Book....
Barbara N.
You're going to love your book!
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  1. I've never seen home made snow globes before!!! They are so wonderful !!

  2. I've seen these a few times over the years & always swear we are going to make some. And then I forget about them until I see them again in the blogosphere. Thanks for the reminder! Maybe we'll do some this year?! Maybe not. Depends on if I remember or not. ha ha!

    Have a blessed day!


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