Saturday, December 7, 2013

Meeting the Pioneer Woman

So, this finally happened and it was so fun, minus a few crazy hiccups along the way. Thursday evening, sister Sally, Eliza and I set out on an adventure to Seattle, in search of the Pioneer Woman and her new Holiday cookbook that was recently published. A few months ago, when I saw that she was planning on coming to Seattle for a book signing, I immediately asked my sister if she'd like to go. Of course, she jumped right in and we marked our calendars: December 5th- Meet the Pioneer Woman.....Woooohooo!!!! I'm so glad we actually did this, and that it wasn't just one of those things that sounds fun, but you never really do.

The drive to Seattle was going great, until Eliza started to fuss and as I turned around to give her a toy, my phone slipped out of my hand and into my cup of water. I quickly grabbed it out of the water, drying it off and I was so relieved that it seemed totally fine. Unfortunitely, a few minutes later, the flash light on it turned on and it started to vibrate, which isn't a good sign, when the ringer is turned up. The phone shut off after that and except for that crazy flashlight that wouldn't turn off, my sweet, precious, beautiful, friend-of-a phone wouldn't do a thing.

I was trying to be calm. Breath in, breath out. Cool as a cucumber, cool as a cucumber. It's going to be alright, but noooooo, my phone was going to be our camera, it had our directions on it and besides that, it has over 1200 photos and videos on it. Seriously, the one time I go meet the Pioneer Woman and I don't have a camera. Wah!

The funny thing is that before we left my sister's place, I asked her if she'd like to bring her camera with us, just in case something happens to my phone. So, before we stepped out the door, she grabbed her camera. Good thinking, right?

So, we drove along and as we entered Seattle, the skyline with the space needle and all of the Christmas lights was breath taking. I grabbed her camera, to capture how spectacular the city was and as I began clicking away, the camera gave me an error "No memory card inserted". Oh no! Not good! Excuse me while I have a good cry.

My sister is so awesomely old school and I seriously love that she's one of the few people I know who hasn't switched to a smart phone yet. This is just one of the reasons why I think she IS smart. She has a phone and it's perfectly great, but the camera on it isn't the best. We ended up using her phone for a few pictures with Ree, and honestly, a picture to remember our fun time, is what matters. Quality-schmality, whatever. We got our photos and we had a blast.

Since we didn't have directions, we called my husband and he walked us through it. We arrived and took turns holding Eliza while we stood in line for about 2 hours. That baby was such a peach. Seriously, she was in rock-star baby mode.

When it was our turn to meet Ree, I was totally amazed with how kind she is and what a genuinely sweet person she seems to be. It was so funny to see her in real life, she looks just the same as she does on TV! And the highlight for me was how much she loved Eliza. She said that she just loves her name and over and over, she said what a precious baby she is.

Before meeting her, I had a huge amount of respect for her as a blogger, photographer and person, but now that respect has grown. She's real, down to earth and meeting her was so fun!

When we got back in the car to go home, it was late- around 9:15pm (I know, I sound like I'm 70 right?), I mean late to be out with a baby. As I fed Eliza before we drove away, I probably asked my sister like 5 times if the car doors were locked. I'm such a country girl. Take me to the city, let me have my fun and then please take me back home. Oh and while we're in the city, let's avoid all roads with stop lights on steep hills, okay?

By the time we headed home, it'd been about 7 hours since we'd eaten so, with a sleeping baby in the back, we pulled through Taco Bell. It kind of felt like my crazy old highschool late night Taco Bell days, except not so much, with my sweet girl asleep in her car seat and my reminders to Sally that she'll get a ticket, if she goes more than 5 over.

What a fun night! And as far as my phone goes? Well, it's sitting in a bag of couscous, because we ran out of rice and I hate grocery shopping. Pray it turns on in the morning.
Lots of love and wishes for a happy weekend.

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  1. I sure enjoyed hearing of this adventure!! It will be fun, some day, to show "the pictures" and tell Eliza about this special time. I really like the term "quality schmality" ..ha! thank YOU!!


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