Sunday, December 15, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

Our weekend didn't really go as planned. Friday night, I came down with the most horrible flu and spent the entire night throwing up and passing out. I'm a fainter, you guys and fainting is scary. I pretty much hate it and I feel so bad for my hubby, it scares him half to death to keep on having to wake me up from my fainted state. I'm not quite sure why my body decides to pass out, but it's just something I've done all my life. After I had Judah, I hit the floor. One day, after running to the bus stop, I passed out, right there on the side of the road, waiting for the bus. During my previous roommates wedding, I checked out, before they even said their vows. Oh, I have lots and lots of fainting stories. Mostly, it's just scary and really embarrassing and of course, it makes me want to avoid being in anyone's wedding. I was so scared to even be in my own!


We had big plans for a great, productive and fun pre-Christmas weekend and although we had to skip out on a lot of our plans, we still managed to squeeze some fun in. Saturday morning, Daddy took the kids into town to see Santa get off the train. Judah told Santa that he wants Superman walkie-talkies and Paisley said she wants "smelly blankies". Apparently, Santa just smiled and said "Oh, good?!" 
I pulled out some Christmas books from when I was little and one of them has become her new favorite. This girl could sit and look at books for hours. I really hope she'll be an early reader, because she just loves books so much. 
Sunday afternoon, I finally got around to assembling our Christmas cards. I've felt so behind this year. Normally I have a big stack of cards mailed out just a day or two after Thanksgiving and this year, I just haven't been on top of it.

When Judah saw me working on cards at the table, he asked to join me. Immediately he started making Christmas cards for his friends. Some of our envelopes were already sealed so, I had to tear them open, add his picture in and then tape the envelopes shut. This gives our Christmas cards character.
 Later in the day, the microwave that my Dad bought me when I was 18 and moving into my first apartment tried to catch fire so, we decided it was time to call it trash and get a new one. I didn't really want to get a new one, because my almost 12 year old, ghetto microwave was perfectly fine, but when it sparked and smelled hot, we decided that it was time. And come on, how long could we last without a working microwave? It's crazy how dependent we are on those things!

Daddy headed to the store with the big kids, while Eliza and I stayed home and took care of some wrapping. These little ornaments to put on the packages are made with the kids Crayola clay. I just cut the clay into heart shapes and then used a cookie press to stamp the snow flake on. After they dried for a few days, I sprayed them with glitter spray paint.
While I was wrapping the presents, a little lady bug came out of nowhere and decided to join Eliza and I. My mom always said that lady bugs are good luck and I've always believed her.

What were some of the best parts of your weekend?

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  1. What a lovely message here...even tho' you were feeling poorly, you had a beautiful weekend! The ornaments from children's clay are so special...I would love to see many of them on a Christmas tree....your photos are wonderful...the one with the lady bug and ornament went straight to my heart***!!


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