Friday, December 20, 2013

Snow Day Magic

Let's start here, with a little music that fits this day just right. Click on that song, crank it up and then come on back. Afterall, everything is better with the right music.

This morning the boys woke up from the cousin sleepover, before the sun had even began to rise. With my coffee in hand, I slowly poked my finger through the shade, just enough to peek out. I was hoping, just hoping that the weather man had been right. See, I dream of snow. I pray for it and so do my kids. It's in our blood and if I didn't love the people around here as much as I do, I'd pack our bags and head somewhere like Alaska. Winter isn't winter without snow. Even my dear friends in Florida who I grew up with know this. We all grew up with a few months of solid snow and although we can pretend that it's winter and we can act like Christmas is all normal and stuff, deep down something just isn't right. But this snow? Well, it makes everything alright.

After peeking, I quickly pulled the shades up and the boys went bonkers. Snow!!! Snow!!!! I was dancing with them, jumping, hooting and hollering and then I remembered that they girls were still sleeping so, we got ourselves under control.

An hour later, after pancakes, and a good 15 minutes of bundling up (you know the typical glove issues, twisted pants and coat drama), they were out. The sun was still on it's way up, but why wait. When it snows, you don't wait. Around here, you go. Don't hesitate, don't think, don't take your time. Go.

 Paisley was the first one to get cold so she came in, changed into jammies and drank hot cocoa, while she watched the other kids play.

 It snowed for most of the morning and the boys had a great time sledding outside with our neighbors.

 Happy, rosy cheeks.
This was Eliza's first time experiencing the snow. Just like a true snow girl does, she grabbed a nice little taste. I think she liked it because she went back for more and then some more after that.

 After Paisley warmed up, she changed into one of her typical, outside-the-box outfits. Today it was a tutu with a shirt half way over. And when you're three and you've just warmed up and dried off, it makes sense to put on your tutu and then go stick your toes in the snow, right? Right.

Happy Friday to you. I hope you're more ready for Christmas than I am. Haha!
Here are a few things still on my list:
1. A few more stocking stuffers for the kids.
2. Something for the husband, oh and stocking stuff for him, too.
3. Bake cookies with the kids.
4. Buy presents for N&L.
5. Get grocieries for Christmas. Apparentely, the hosts are supposed to serve people food. Oh and my family will want breakfast on Christmas morning and The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls don't make themselves.

Yeah, I better get on that.


  1. Beautiful, fun photos! Love those rosy cheeks!

  2. beautiful...children and snow!!! yeah!! love P's outfits too

  3. How do you find time to write?!?! I guess I don't make it a priority right now. I should though, because I do love it. I digress.

    Your little girls eating the snow is so sweet. Isn't it funny how kids instinctively know to do that? That and not eat bread crusts!

    Have a Merry Christmas, Angela! God bless you!!


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