Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sunsets and Candyland

Every year it happens. After Christmas, I always get a bit down. Can I just stop here and say that I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer? I'm just being real, k? I guess it's the multiple celebrations packed into a few days and then poof, the last guest leaves and all that's left is a garage full of wrapping paper that needs to be recycled, leftover Christmas goodies, over-stimulated children, a messy house and of course, loads and loads of sweet memories. The sweet memories definitely win, but there's just so much build up before those sweet celebrations and then not much of a cushion for the let down. We say good bye, close the door behind that last family member and then it's over. Christmas comes and bam! It's gone.

A few days before Christmas, as we rushed around, finishing off every last item on our list, I just wished for a few days at home, without anywhere to go. I looked ahead to those days after Christmas, which were completely blank on the calendar and I anticipated those days with no obligations. I wanted to stay home and just do nothing. To let my kids play all day, without loading them up to go anywhere.

Well, those days arrived and it's been exactly what we've needed, but after a couple days at home, I'm ready to move on. One thing I've loved is how well Judah and Paisley play together. They have become best friends and they can play independently for hours. But, there's also been a lot of that post Christmas attitude. You know the one, right?

Today I so desperately wanted to go out and take the kids for a hike somewhere, but Jeremiah had to work and I just don't feel comfortable taking them out by myself. I wish it was safe, but to me, it doesn't seem like it. So, instead we went to Target, because you know, if you can't hike, Target is always a good option.

I love checking out the after Christmas clearance sales. There's something fun about picking up a few new decorations or new wrapping paper and storing them away to bring out next year. I guess it softens the after Christmas letdown for me. I love tucking those unopened rolls of paper away, knowing that when I pull them out again, my kids will be 1 year older and they'll be experiencing Christmas in a new and fresh way.

Over the last few days, between finding homes for the new things, trying to ration the 1200 stickers that each of my children received from an un-named source (no one should have that many stickers, ever) and living at a slower pace, I've discovered a couple things. These things are simple, but even so, they're really sweet.

#1. Late afternoon, at sunset is the perfect time to take the kids out to ride bikes, or blow bubbles. We all bundle up and Eliza goes in the stroller. The evenings have been gorgeous and even in December, this is really perfect.

 Just taking a quick snooze, no biggie.
#2. Judah has officially entered that Chutes & Ladders and Candyland phase and oh man, it's fun. Like, he can play by the rules now and not just push the cards around everywhere, while we "play" the game. Today we played both games a few times and it was a blast. He told me it was the best part of this day. Goodness sakes, this kid is fun.

Wrapping this up with a fun little video of some 2013 Instagram moments. In just 15 seconds, this video barely touches on what an amazing year this has been. I'm forever grateful for thousands of special things that have happened throughout this year.

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  1. woohoo....I will be watching that video nice to see a beautiful flash back of beautiful 2013
    thank you!! your blog entries are so beautiful in many ways


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