Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Day After

Our Christmas morning started about 6:30am, which I suppose could have been way earlier. It's so funny to me that the kids just know and earlier than normal, they're rolling out of bed, running down the hall and peeking under the tree.

We started the day with just our family of 5- opening presents, unloading stockings and eating cinnamon rolls. A few hours later, Grandma D and Grandpa P came over and we jumped in for round 2. About this time, the kids started to fly through presents, without stopping to breathe, so we had to remind them to take a breath and slow down- because you know, Christmas is all day long and this isn't a race. Let's remember to breath kids and enjoy! Oh and who's Birthday is it? Not yours.

After that set of Grandparents left, we put the house back into some sort of order and then got ready to welcome my family. Round 3 of Christmas lasted for the rest of the day and it was an absolute blast. I was so proud of all the cousins. It's a family tradition to go around and open one present at a time. Well, when 14 people are opening, this isn't fast- we're talking a few hours, people.

It was so awesome and such an amazing day with family. Last night after everyone left, I collapsed onto the couch and felt so extremely thankful for all of special moments throughout the day. The kids fell asleep as their heads hit the pillows and I went to bed really early as well. You know, Christmas can make you a bit tired!

Today has been filled with lots of play for the kids and lots of time for me to find homes for all the new stuff. Also, I'm slowly starting to put away some of the Christmas decor. I know, it's early and most folks would frown on this, but I love Christmas and when Christmas is over, I love getting my house back! So, I'll pace myself, put it away over a few days and maybe know one will notice...wink wink.

A few snapshots....
All of the kids listening to a story at church on Christmas Eve. 
 Christmas Eve candlelight service. I love, love, love this tradition.

A happy Christmas explosion all over the living room. 
And today we're doing lots of this....
I hope your Christmas was great and tell me, are you ready to throw out all of the sugar like I am? Oh my, I need it gone!

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  1. wonderful! I had one piece of dark chocolate today so that I wouldn't go into withdrawals...I love all the stages of this Chiristmas Season...anticipation, the actual Day, and the reflective getting it back together day(s). Thank you for the wonderful memories and photos


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