Sunday, December 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Saturday the kids and I headed out early to go finish our shopping. Yes, by choice I took my 3 shopping on the Saturday before Christmas. Before we headed out, I got us all pumped up. We were going to be like little elves, getting the rest of our presents ready. Well, it was golden, absolutely golden. After 2 hours in Target, without a single tear or meltdown, I felt like I wanted to squeeze them all so tight and kiss their heads 100 times. They were so good and now I can officially say that we're done shopping, that is, unless I forgot someone. Goodness, I hope not.
On our way home, we stopped to smell the horses, in the middle of the road, of course.  You know, it's one of the perks of living in a small town. I love this place, I love my girl and I love these horses, which we can enjoy, without having to care for.
Later in the day, I decided that since Christmas is just about here, it's about time that we decorate a gingerbread house. You know, that sounds fun, right?

So, can we just stop here and talk honestly for a second about decorating gingerbread houses with a few little kids? I posted this on Instagram and I'm repeating myself, but I've got to say it again. Anyone who thinks it's relaxing to decorate gingerbread houses with really little kids is lying. Either that, or they're way more fun than I am. Come on, us Moms try to make it fun, but the candy was rolling off the table, frosting was going everywhere, the house is about to fall and I was starting to twitch. We do this stuff for the kids and inside my head, there's this constant pep-talk happening. "It's okay. It'll all clean up. Angela, stop nagging. This is supposed to be fun. Yes Angela, this is FUN. Oh you forgot? Well, this is FUN (as more candy rolls onto the floor). The kids love this stuff. What's Christmas without a gingerbread house?"

So, maybe our gingerbread house won't be winning any prizes this year, but we did have a great time making it. The kids think it's just perfect, so much so that they've been asking me every 10 minutes if they can eat the entire dried out, extra crispy cottage that they created.
Another Christmas must-do that we crossed off our list this weekend is the Lights of Christmas. Last year, we unintentionally went on a pay-what-you-can night and the lines were insane. Just leaving the parking lot was a 2 hour ordeal. I was pregnant with Eliza, I almost had to pee in the woods and I swore to myself that it'd be okay if we never came back. But, you know, it's the Lights of Christmas and it's fun so, we gave it another shot. This year, we made sure it was just a regular night and oh man, it was so perfect. A major Lights of Christmas redemption happened tonight. 

The lines were short, we did the train ride, the kids rode the horses, we listened to some really fun music, ate the best fresh donuts ever, hugged the snowman and of course, jumped in lots of puddles. 
Lights of Christmas 2013- Major success. 
The last thing I want to talk about is Gingerbread Biscotti. If you were here right now, I'd make you a fresh cup of coffee and give you a piece of this Biscotti to dip and enjoy. Normally, I'm not a huge Biscotti person, but something about this Biscotti has stolen my heart. So much so, that I'm afraid I might eat it all before Christmas morning. Really, I'm just blogging about it so, my Mom will see that I made it and I won't be able to eat it all in secret. It's an accountability thing you know and tomorrow I'll be sharing the recipe!

I hope that you had a great weekend and that in the midst of all of your last minute preparations, you have time to remember the real reason that we're celebrating. He came for us, He loves us and He gave himself for us. What a perfect gift that is! 

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  1. your gingerbread house is perfect...the kiddos are right! here I go again...Grandma's twinkle tears at t he pic of Handsome Judah looking at that G bread house!! aahhh..and thank you for the gingerbread biscotti accountability part!!! I look forward to having a bite of that w you at some point and...(accountability here) making my own....surely it is a joyful season!!


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