Thursday, January 30, 2014

Around the Table

Some of our sweetest moments this week happened around the table. These were teaching moments, that possibly taught me more, than my kids. I've always told myself that I couldn't be a teacher. I have a huge respect for all the teachers that I know and in my heart, I've always told myself that I could never do that--that I'm definitely not patient enough. All of the teachers that I know seem so smart, so creative. To me, they seem to know all the tricks- tricks that I've never learned, because after all, I'm not a teacher. I went to school to be a dental assistant, which seemed like a great idea, to my 18 year old self.

This week, as we wrote out 1-100, made sparkle dough, played games with Dominos and read lots of books, I reminded myself it's not about all that I'm NOT, but that it's important to remember what I AM. Breakthrough happens the moment when you stop telling yourself all about what you AREN'T and you start telling yourself all that you ARE.

I think in Motherhood there's this big thing that we all need to let go of. We need to let go of what we think everything is supposed to look like. 

Like there's some certain standard for mothering. We need to let go of that idea that our houses are supposed to look a certain way or that we're supposed to teach our children a certain way. We need to let go of that "supposed" to and create our own ideals, for our own uniquely created family. The voices around us and the plethora of ideas drown out our own inner voice and our own ideas, that happen to just be perfectly adequate and actually quite good for us and our children.

It's the comparisons and the idea of how things are supposed to be, that keep us from being our best selves. 

Yesterday, our lunch time looked like this:
3 kids in the dining room, two of which were at the table in their undies and one was in her jammies in the highchair. All were eating homemade breakfast cookies and drinking water. I was drinking coffee.

I sat down at the table and started to ask Judah about this day. Judah tells me that his day wasn't very good and that counting at preschool was really hard. He tells me that he just can't do it, that he can't do anything.

After talking a bit, I jumped up and grabbed some brown packaging paper. As they ate, I had them count to 100 with me, as I wrote all the numbers out on  paper. After he was finished, I gave him a long chop stick and had him touch various numbers that I said. Next, we pulled out some Dominos and he created his own game, covering certain numbers with the Dominos and then guessing which number was underneath. We played different variations of these games, until I saw him loosing interest and then we cleaned up and moved on.

The fact that I'm not a teacher often makes me feel inadequate. I never expected to feel this way in Motherhood. I see all the teachers around me and it feels like they have so much to offer. So much knowledge to share with their children that I don't have. I think what I'm learning though, is that you don't need that degree to have these moments. That it's important to not remind myself of what I'm NOT, but to instead, remind myself of what I AM. I am their Mama. I am creative, resourceful, interested, and excited to learn with them. I love to read and I share books with them. I appreciate community and I'm not afraid to ask for help. I know them and they know me. I am Mama and I've got their backs.

Some of our best moments this week, were when learning just happened, because I saw something spark their interest and we rolled with it. In those moments, I feel like maybe I do have a bit of teacher in me. I may not have a teaching degree, but I'm their Mom and that carries a lot of weight.

A few moments from around the table.....



  1. What an awesome Mama you are!!! I love following your posts. Those table moments are so special!

  2. that sparkley play dough is so fun. I like the brown paper number list. You were clever to cover some and let him guess the concealed number! Making number activities a game always helped me-who would rather do arty things than think about numbers! wow, you surely have turned that table into an important learning/sharing place!

  3. Beautiful post, my friend. I am going to link to it today on my blog. P.S. You are AMAZING and are doing more fun things with your kids than I could think up on my own and I am a teacher. I think having the teacher training definitely helps with some of the boundaries, consistency, and behavior issues...but as far as crafting goes...not in this house! Ha!


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